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RSS Tugman

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

If you think you can trust the government, ask a Native American.

1 point

I never said he was great. I corrected some one who did not know about the US. Huckabee is an ass he made fun of Mitt Romney's religion and that is not bipartisan.

1 point

My pick would be Jimmy Clausen.

His statistics are better than the other two QB's in the top three. He has led five fourth quarter comebacks three of which have ended in wins. In his last four games he has played with and injured foot and led four comebacks. Against USC he threw the first two TD's of the year against USC's defense. He has played flawless despite his injury and despite the poor job his defense is doing. The two losses are results of the defense and not him.

1 point

That was perfect. I can not think of a better way to put that.

1 point

I cannot say because I do not know but how would one know what a male organ smells like without getting really close to one.

2 points

you need help if down voting people on a website makes you feel special.

1 point

I would understand an up vote if it had a reason but not when it is not explained.

1 point

1. At home

2. Dad woke me up

3. 3rd grade maybe 8 or 9

4. was not really sure what was happening

5. when the second plan hit the tower

1 point

America is diverse and that part of what the flag represents. Any one who is offended by some one having a flag of the country they live in is stupid and should leave.

3 points

"A man who judges by th group is a pea wit."

Just because white people in the past did bad things does not mean every white person is bad. I am Irish Catholic and I know what the British did to my ancestors in Ireland I also know what Protestants in America did to my ancestors. I may dislike to people back then but I do not dislike there great great grandchildren because they had nothing to do with it.

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Winning Position: Full Metal Jacket
Winning Position: What is the best college to get a History degree?

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