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RSS TyTheTiger

Reward Points:104
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

No, I pretty much agree with the things you're saying. :p

1 point

It could work. I don't see any reason why not.

People are willing to pay for police, so police would exist with or without a government.

2 points

I was down voted by someone without any dispute being written? o.O

Well, I suppose anonymous cowardice is the next best thing to proactively announcing ones ignorance and stupidity like an inbred walrus ardently crying its mating call...


1 point

So what is the logic you are using now - "When all else fails, act like you're better than everyone else!" NICE! It might make you feel a slight bit better about yourself, in some small, sad way, but I didn't come here to engage in that sort of activity, so unless you want to truly debate, I won't respond to you anymore.


2 points

You are capable of comprehending the idea of a joke... right?

I only ask because, either you think RK is serious, in which case you're an idiot, or you know he's joking and you're just being a bitch.

Maybe it's a bit of both. =/

2 points

Lol, I LOVE how everyone seems to feel the need to out-wit RK even after over 50 days XD

0 points

100% true. If you don't let the government take your money, they'll just empty your bank account.

It's win-win! =D

2 points

And who gets to say how much pain is OK?


3 points

Because, you know, hitting the kid will solve the problem. It won't just suppress it or anything, it will legitimately solve it. And hitting will do a much better job than actually getting to the core of the problem because it saves the teacher from the burden of having to explain to the child why they are so damn wrong.

1 point

Alright, cool. I'm going to try and keep this as brisk as possible.

4. If it were in my self-interest to work as a team to better society, would you agree that self-interest can be used to achieve positive utility and therefore can be ethical?

5. So, would you agree that ethics are a road-map of sorts to help people achieve happiness rather than an archonic law that compels people to do whatever is seen as ethical?

7. How is net sadness measured?

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Tied Positions: No! And this is why... vs. Yes! And this is why....

About Me

"Just got back from a rather lengthy hospital stay, but I'm back and ready to debate! =D"

Biographical Information
Name: Tyler The Tiger
Gender: Male
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Political Party: Other
Country: Canada
Religion: Taoist

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