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1 point

If you are looking at people, you aren't really paying attention to what scripture says. There is nothing in scripture that says that people are good. In fact, scripture makes it pretty clear that people are not good. There is One that is good, and that is God.

The faith is not about being a "good" person. The faith is about recognizing your own faults, getting some humility from that realization, and showing others charity as you have been shown charity. The faith is about keeping it real, recognizing that God is The Supreme and Ultimate Reality, and loving God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

Is discernment a gift of the spirit? Certainly. Those who love the truth will be more in line with the truth when they make moral decisions. Those who bow down to idols will allow their idols to corrupt the truth that they do cling on to.

1 point

The Supreme and Ultimate Reality is God.

That is what "God" with a capital "G" means.

The ones who do know that this is what they are talking about tend to avoid it because even they know it looks stupid to argue, "It is the truth that there is no truth, and it is reality that there is no reality! Prove to me that there is such a thing as proof! Hah! You have shown me no proof, there is no evidence!"

If they don't believe in God, they don't believe in truth, so they aren't being honest when they ask for evidence.

No, good atheist arguments are always against little "g" gods, not The Big G.

It doesn't matter whether or not you believe in The Supreme and Ultimate Reality, it clearly exists, and no amount of cleverness or mental gymnastics is going to get around this.

The Supreme and Ultimate Reality by necessity must exist. It is intrinsic to what that means.

Why do people have a problem with God? Because they believe that the things people tell them about God are God. They are superstitious. They are the people who automatically assume that a UFO is a spaceship piloted by little grey man like creatures. It's called an unidentified flying object because it is in the air and we don't know what it is. So with that understanding, what does "The Supreme and Ultimate Reality" mean? What does God mean?

This is really something everyone should have common ground on. The existence of God should not even be up for debate. Atheism is not a defensible position. It's practically an academic joke to make know it students expose themselves as being fools. It works really well, because know it all students tend to be that way because they think so highly of themselves. It is easy to get them to think they "know better" than to fall for that God scam.

Seriously, take every atheist argument against God, and I don't mean scripture or any of that.. I mean arguments directed at God. Now replace the word "God" with "The Supreme and Ultimate Reality" and see how stupid the argument sounds.

Yes, atheism is stupid. It is stupid because God obviously exists, that is damn near the defining characteristic of God. EXISTENCE.

That doesn't make atheists stupid, that makes them ignorant. If they knew any better, they wouldn't be atheists.

Real deal atheists? The ones shouting from the rooftop "There is no truth! There is no reality! I'm a little tea pot short and stout!" will die in their sins, because to deny truth is an unforgivable blasphemy. Let them live out the rest of their lives in the hell they have created for themselves. They deserve it.

1 point

If you are feeling like you are being bullied over the internet, it means you need to get out more.

Fresh air is a lot more fun. Being on the internet all the time makes you dumb. The world is falling apart around you people, and all you can do is worry about what a bunch of loser malcontents say on some internet website? For a lot of these people, it is probably a way for them to let out aggression in a world that has hammered them into submission otherwise. They are weak, and their weakness is let out here. Let them take their drugs.

That is what this place is. That is what all this amusement is. Drugs.

One day, when it all shuts down, all you electronic crack junkies will be standing around with your hands on your genitals. You will get robbed. You will starve. You will deserve it. Maybe you should have been doing something more useful with your time instead of bowing down to worthless idols. You know, like developing life skills, meaningful relationships, discipline, or growing into a decent human being.

No, instead of working hard and practicing good stewardship, you'd rather do everything half ass, blow all your money on vanities, and argue with people over the internet.

Argue with someone who can't even look you in the eye. Argue with someone who you can't even tell is laughing at you will they intentionally lie to you. Argue with someone who probably isn't taking in a single word you say. For what?

It's all vanity. It's better to keep it real.

The Supreme and Ultimate Reality is God. Surrender to God, and forsake idolatry.

TzarPepe(765) Clarified
1 point

What should I be addressing?

1 point

A fascist is a bundle of sticks.

A bundle of sticks is also called a faggot.

Therefore, fascists are faggots.

Fascism means "Reality is kindling for the fire"

A "fascist state" would therefore be a mode or condition of being set on autodestruct.

I don't know what fascism is, that is just what I think about it.

1 point

Can you answer these questions?

"Why is it objectively immoral for one evolved bag of pond scum to kill 17 lesser bags of evolved pond scum?"

(If you don't believe this, please explain how it is objectively immoral)

"How do you rationally knows truth from fiction?"

I think if you answered this questions, it might lead to more edifying discussion about these things.

-1 points

The fact that you are even talking about "right wing trolls" is evidence that you are feeding them.

You don't defeat trolls, because for them to win is to get you to talk. That is the whole point of that type of trolling.

I mean really, are you much better? What are you doing right now? You are obviously trolling. You aren't doing any better than those you point the finger at.

I'm sure you are loving all this attention. How much of it is even real? You are likely building your own hype up, assuming there is even any hype at all.

I don't believe the hype. All I see is you calling yourself number one and bragging about how you spill the entrails of your enemies.

Good show. You make a good clown.

1 point

Atheism of course can be a desire for God to not exist.

If God exists, that makes everyone WRONG.

To the self righteous, this has to be obnoxious.

1 point

Maybe if you accepted that I am talking about The Supreme and Ultimate Reality and not what you or I think that is, you'd have less trouble.

You'd also realize that there is absolutely nothing delusional about saying that God exists, and to say that God doesn't exist is inherently self defeating. It is like saying, "It is the truth that there is no truth!"

See, if you knew what I was talking about, you'd realize that your posturing is little more than arrogance. You are clearly in the wrong, and it has nothing to do with me being right. You aren't arguing against me, you are arguing against The Supreme and Ultimate Reality.

What does it matter if I'm stupid? Even someone who is stupid can understand that the truth isn't a lie and a lie isn't the truth.

TzarPepe(765) Clarified
1 point

Then you still believe in God, even if you don't believe in God the same way as other people do.

If you believe there is truth or reality at all, you believe in God.

The word "God" is English for "The Supreme and Ultimate Reality".

So you don't recognize the witness of various scriptures? That doesn't mean that you don't believe in God. Indeed, people believed in God even before these scriptures were written.

I recognize the witness, and I recognize the proof. That is why I can speak so boldly about Jesus Christ. It has been proven to me even if it hasn't been proven to you.

Of course God has thoughts though. The evidence of this is that you have thoughts. If God didn't have thoughts, how could you have thoughts? After all, if it is a reality that you have thoughts, it means that thoughts exist. If thoughts exist, it is by God that they exist.

Did God "create itself"? No, of course not. The reason why this is theologically unsound is because God is not a created thing. Created things come from God. In fact, this is practically the distinction between God and everything else. The Supreme and Ultimate Reality is The Uncreated.

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