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RSS UnsuperKat

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Well, there ya go.. Because Biden is a liar, we absolutely should elect another liar..

Democrats keep electing them, so what's good for the goose. What, you thought we'd hold ourselves to a higher standard than the left does? Keep living that dream. This is politics. In this case, the black man isn't a Communist, so I see him as an ally. You like people who are Communists, so you vote for THEM. The Hispanics are beginning to vote Republican. Soon enough you'll dump them and use my exact logic to justify being against brown people when we call you out for it in the near future. It's not that you hate brown Cubans. It's politics. Is that not your logic, or do you actually hate brown Cubans?

1 point

1)This site targeted right wing opinions and banned right wing accounts. That's how you got multi accounts.

2)You have multiple accounts, and everyone knows it, so you can shut your hole now.

2 points

All student should not have after school job or intern

Leftists have a cult-like obsession with the word "should". I should be taller. I should be more handsome. I should be wealthier. Guess what? That's not real life. That's not reality. Students should get a job if they must to afford life and college. Kids should have to join the military for 2 years. There's a should for you.

1 point

Look.. I MIGHT get my hair back. Truth is, I have a better chance of that happening than of Hershel Walker winning a Senate Seat..

That's what the left said about Trump. A Republican just won a +33 Democrat district in Texas. How shitty does a party have to be to lose a +33 district?

1 point

Walker claimed he was, a cop. LIE

Biden repeated a claim on April 14 that he was a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, this time claiming “full” professorship despite his 2017-2019 tenure being an honorary position and having never taught a class. Clearly you don't care if politicians lie, distort or exaggerate. You care if they have that "D" before their name.

UnsuperKat(43) Clarified
1 point

You're gonna have to show some PROOF..

Since you ain't got any, you'll disappear.

He showed you, so what now genius?

1 point

By treason or attacks on the government, you always mean the left and the left only. You don't consider acts against right wing government treason at any time. In fact you hailed attacks on the Whitehouse and the Supreme Court as patriotic. In an all out assault, I don't think anyone's going to care any longer about whether a tyranical left thinks words are violence, it's treason, it's a coup, none of it. If the left goes completely Hitlerian to the point the US military is ignoring orders from the government en masse, you'd best be glad they began ignoring orders from the President en masse because those orders were most likely insane. The guy in office now doesn't appear stable, so who knows, might be soon.

1 point

I can't, of course

Of course.

1 point

Mario and Peach. They are the more relatable characters.

1 point

You don't win a debate by presenting one side

Really? You present the Republican side when you debate? STFU you moron. There's nothing to debate when the video shows you're completely full of shit. The sky is blue whether your side has been presented or not clown.

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