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6 points

The Jews tried to stone Jesus for blasphemy. Why? He claimed he was God, their views on God are tantamount in many ways to the Muslim view on God. He is one, and any who claim otherwise deserve death.

1 point

Abortion sickens me, I can see no good ethical reasoning for a mother to kill her child. Having the potential to become life is good enough for me, regardless of whether or not the fetus is actually a human.

1 point

Big government and overly powerful corporations go hand in hand. Corporations in many ways control the government using bought out officials. They create new regulations to stifle the competition and increase their profits. If we decrease the size of government we actually decrease the power of big business.

2 points

One thing I have to say, Marriage is in my opinion explicitly tied to religious tradition. I have absolutely no problems with domestic partnerships, my understanding is that in a domestic partnership a couple is treated legally the same as a married couple. They just aren't officially "married".

1 point

Ron Paul is my guy, I have yet to find anything in his platform where I was like, wow that dude is wrong.

1 point

This is my experience in school, teachers give homework and then don't fill up their class time. I have had hour upon hour of downtime even following the completion of a homework assignment. I see no problem with the idea of homework, but I do feel teachers need to "teach" more.

1 point

Good try......


1 point

So, it still destroys the "there is evil, God is perfect, therefore God must not exist" argument.

2 points

Ok, so get on a different debate...The question is Christianity or Atheism there is no third option.

1 point

The site also addresses M-theory, however QLG doesn't appear to be on there.

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Winning Position: USA Britain and Canada merger the ultimate nation?

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Biographical Information
Name: Grayson Pulis
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other
Education: High School

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