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2 points

Dr. Vineela ACME2021A Batch Group smith _Oppose

I oppose qualitative research being encouraged among undergraduates because

1. The data collected in Qualitative research must be validated and the undergraduate is dependent on the guides /mentors for validation who may or may not be cooperative .

The undergraduates may not be aware of the ethical issues due to which they may face criticism .

The participants may not be willing to cooperate as they may find the undergraduates inexperienced in handling sensitive issues.

1 point

Dr. Vineela ACME 2021A Batch Group Smith_ Oppose

Respected Dome faculty and dear co learners

I support Suprasanna madams point that Qualitative research relies on the researchers experience as the researcher need to have in depth knowledge of the problem or issue being addressed, based on which he needs to select an appropriate research methodology, sample collecting method ,data collection tool and data analysis .

I also agree to the point that it can be time consuming for the undergraduates.

1 point

Dr. Vineela Rani ACME2021A Batch.

I am against Qualitative research being encouraged among undergraduates because the undergraduates are not fully aware of Research and Research methodologies. Being a novice he may find it difficult to take up Qualitative research which involves understanding the participants perspective and take into consideration his beliefs ,attitudes and behavior.

1 point

Dr. Vineela Rani ACME 2021A Batch.

A systematic review and meta analysis done by Leisi Pei and Hongbin Wu in March 2019 based on pre and post test score gains and retention test scores has shown that online teaching is as effective as classroom teaching in acquiring cognitive and knowledge skills and should be considered as a potential teaching method in medical education.

Research article

"Does online teaching work better than offline learning in undergraduate medical education? A systematic review and meta-analysis".

2 points

The students belong to the internet generation where they are already into E-learning through online coaching, online examinations before entering into medical education.

Online teaching is the correct choice in the present situation amid lockdowns and need to maintain social distancing.

Even though it is new to some faculty they can be trained through FDP(faculty development programs)and also have access to various LMS software.

In E-learning the learners have control over the content, learning sequence, pace of learning and time.

E-learning is flexible, cost effective and convenient.

NMC advocates self directed learning in Andragogy and E-learning is instrumental in promoting SDL.

One can make use of various learning platforms as VLE (virtual learning environments),video streaming services, visual instructor-lead training (VILT),Discussion boards, Forums, Podcasts for CBL,WPBL, interactive learning.

Through web- based OSCE and video technology the performance based skills as decision making can be taught and evaluated.

E- learning creates opportunities for critical thinking and encourages them to reexamine their beliefs and attitudes thus making them more willing to accept and imbibe the content.

The availability of 4G internet at low cost had made online teaching accessible to students from remote areas.

The teachers can prepare their own teaching module to meet their objectives using LMS.

They can evaluate competencies through online assessments, give feedback to the students for self improvement.

We are conducting online sessions for our students since 1 year and are having a positive response from them.

In this era of Artificial Intelligence and robotic surgeries we need to make the teachers and students efficient in using the online techniques and E-learning is the best way to begin with.

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