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1 point

The most important ones would be, John and Kate breaking up. And the IT girl LADY GAGA. Absurd fashion much.

also first black president go.

1 point

NO, just as every human has their own rights (Either in America or were ever it gives out rights like this)

From 15 and above you should be able to control your OWN self, regardless of stupid events etc.

If you're possible younger, you have the right as a parent to take over your child, THEY ARE CHILDREN, Your children. If you want them to not put on make up until 15, you make them.

Put them under control !

Or what ever, you know what I mean?

1 point

It varies on the type of man. If your man is pretty feminine obviously so. Some can be complete jerks and not give a rats butt. Some just have a nonchalant point of view like "Oh that kitty died ok" "That little girl lost her dog ok"

In most cases only emotional time would be if somebody close died/left them.

Other than that, no, I want to see a man cry in a movie theater to a chick-flick.

1 point

MOSTLY YES, But no for most saftey and war issues etc. Imagine if we wert to leave it open for all gays, most homophobics wouldn't allow this and they'd try to take over our government or rebel, something on those lines. Corruption would be possible to happen because they'd be horribly mad...

I want gay people to be married in EVERYWHERE, But...If some people are just as stupid to get butthurt about their god-broken rules, horrible things could go up.

Crap would hit the fan.

1 point

...Oh Jesus.

I'll go with crap, I'm sure barfing isn't good for you AT ALL. I could get skinnier than necessary but still. I'd rather keep pooping that barfing...

Or actually, would the continuous pooping be diarrhea? :U

2 points

Saddly yes, I HOPE not, but yes.

Because people don't really realize what he's doing, they just take him because he's African American and they want ~~CHANGE~~.

Hopefully by the end of his term people will be like "eh i don't think so."

We'll see !!

3 points

Probably not, especially by myself ! I'm not psychically prepared neither would I be able to survive or maintain myself up there. Especially taking for EVER just to go to the moon. Not worth drinking my recycled peepee.

2 points

It shouldn't. It's the parents choice, if you can't take care of a child you shouldn't have on in the first place. Although there's plenty of other choices to do with your kid like give up for adoption sell for weed what ever, it's nobodies choice to choose for the parents. You have your own choices, abortion can be one of them. Especially in poverty or if you're simply a druggy.

Plus, we don't need another GANGSTER or drug dealer in the world. Just saying !!!

1 point

Nope, we're actually to blame. Maybe he was part of it but only by a little porting. Since the wars and prices of oil, food, what ever. We're ones to blame because we're just too lazy to contribute to society. Or something.

2 points

HELL NO. Morals are just an illusion. You as a person might have your own morals like IT'S WRONG TO EAT SOUP WITH A FORK or something, but another person might have a different point of view. Really, there is NO point of moralities. Morals and even laws shouldn't be put in the same thing. It's just wrong... I might not have a clue of what I'm talking about but... I read a good article about how moralities are just an illusion, sort of like you'd never jump off a cliff, but if your favorite celebrity would do it or told you too, you'd probably do it. People of higher authority seem to control you whether it's part of your morals or not. Kind of get where I'm shooting at?

It also varies on cultural references. If it's OKAY to eat a dog in _____ and it might not be okay to eat it in _____, you'd still do it.

It's kind of like being gay, YOU KNOW IT'S WRONG or something, PEOPLE THINK IT'S WRONG. But you think it's right, so you continue to do it whether morally wrong or right.

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