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RSS Varsh24

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1 point

It is not because of religion that so many wars have occured , but it is because of the mindset of humans . They have been the root cause but not religion . Why ? Because there is always this feeling in most humans that they are superior . Humans don't see each other as equals . And the fact that women are discriminated in religion is totally wrong . So the fault is on humans ... Don't blame God or Religion for it :/

1 point

"If God is omnipotent, why is there disease ?"

You know why there is disease ... It's because of humans . In olden days there were diseases but not to the extent of what is there now ... The more advanced the technology is becoming ... The more the medicines , the more the diseases ... God knows what , when and how things have to be done ... All humans need is patience ... which most of us don't have!

1 point

It is really bad to sit in front of the computer for a long time ... It affects one's health ... The best thing is to go out and explore the real world but not to sit in front of the computer and play pc games and do stuff that are not necessary .

1 point

Attitude is more important . With attitude comes knowledge ..

1 point

Paperbacks are good ... They help restore the story's charm . You get into a different world when you read it in paperback ... But in e-books ... you get deviated ... you might scroll other websites also ... :)

Varsh24(16) Clarified
2 points

"the thought that women should be housewives is not backward?"

You are an American ... Have you ever lived in India ... ever experienced life in India ... You Americans can never understand the religion of India ... !

Varsh24(16) Clarified
1 point

You say freaking accent ???

Remember what rubbish Americans talk .... !!! Yours is also freaking like hell ...

Varsh24(16) Clarified
1 point

" Every one of us is worth ten of them, because we are the most educated, richest and most powerful part of the world."

Excuse me ... do you know the meaning of education ? You say you guys are the most rich and powerful but in what ... wealth ??? You guys might be the one who have loads and loads of cash ... But are you people wise ????

1 point

The fact that we get a lot of news from the Internet stays as it is ... But what will you do if there was no Internet ?

? And the reading you do at school is different from the one you do at home .... How many teenagers read newspapers nowadays ?? Reading is fun when it is in paper not when it is in digital .... And how long can one read from the computer screen ?? At the end you will end up with an eye disorder ... !!!!!!

Varsh24(16) Clarified
1 point

Why should we help beggars ??? We don't give money to the beggars because we don't want them to beg .... When they have hands and legs ... Why can't they work physically ... And yes .. Question may arise ... What about the handicapped ?? There are so many places where you can get a job for the handicapped ... !! Money is not got free ... We have to work to earn it ... !!!

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Biographical Information
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: India
Religion: Hindu
Education: High School

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