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RSS Vennerss

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The Covid pandemic would be tolerable if people died before getting to the hospital because of a vaccine. However, since most people are in good health there will be a huge number of cases of illness and death. This pandemic would be tolerable if people died before getting to the hospital, right? Well, actually… it's not. Hospitals, doctors and nurses are all going to die. And so will our healthcare system .

1 point

American vs. Japanese school uniforms differ in many ways, but they have one thing in common: they are both classy and stylish. That's why you will find this post full of tips on how to buy twitter followers and choose the perfect American or Japanese school uniform for your children.

1 point

When it comes to television, we're used to seeing a certain type of face on the screen. But what about mimes? Do they count as actual people, or are they just weird looking creatures? Well, the answer to that question is a little bit complicated.

Mimes actually originated from ancient Greece and Rome, where they were used as a form of entertainment. But over the years, their usage has changed. Nowadays, mimes are mostly used to represent racist white stereotypes. For example, you might see a black mime portraying the role of a lazy, stupid black person.

And this isn't the only problem with mimes. They also tend to use offensive gestures and expressions. For example, they might slap their hands together or make a face that looks like they're laughing at something really bad.

So, is it really worth it to watch mimes on television ? Well, that really depends on your opinion. But, in general, we think they should be canceled because of their racist tendencies.

1 point

Mimes should always be canceled. They are one of the things that bring in low-quality traffic and distract people. The reason why they come in is that people don't really pay attention until they see that this is not just another ordinary text message. b14793970.html

1 point

Argumentation is a form of communication wherein one party presents the conclusion, rather than the full argument itself. The other party will then challenge or disagree with that conclusion. Argumentation is important because it helps us to understand each other better and fosters better debate. This article will describe how to start an online b14793970 argument and also how to respond effectively to an opponent's arguments.

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