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RSS Viceregent

Reward Points:413
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

More generally, how will a lawsuit settle this issue? Do not speak in terms of Trump, but your notions of the purpose of the judiciary?

1 point

I ask this loser to prove he is intelligent and rational and he immediately and irrationally changes the subject and proves the opposite.

What a fool. ROFL

2 points

Not a scientist, eh? We know the universe did not arise by natural means out of nothing due up the 1st Law of Thermo and that the universe is not eternal due to the 2nd Law. It is not your ignorance that is the problem, but your anti-science naturalism.

1 point

Is it possible that all of reality proves Hod’s existence, but you are too mentally ill to comprehend, understand and/or accept reality?

1 point

Prove these claims, snowflake? Or should we take them as evidence you are mentally ill?

1 point

That is funny given the sheer volume of murderers committed by atheists in the last 100 years.

1 point

He says He does. That is good enough for all but the mentally ill.

1 point

Show me a “concept” using only your senses? Or any other non-material thing.

1 point

I understand you are not a philosopher and therefore just make crap up to suit your purposes. But you cannot prove your definition is right.

1 point

If am allowed to say my self interest is that I not murder then I am allowed to say my self interest is that I do murder. Again, you have removed morality from the equation. If a man rapes and murders your daughter, you may not like his choice, but you have no moral grounds to object.

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Winning Position: Have you noticed that the atheists on this site are utterly uneducated?
Winning Position: Is there any reason not to ban atheists who troll threads?
Winning Position: Does more evolved pond scum have any moral duty to lesser evolved pond scum?
Winning Position: Can any atheist answer the most basic Q in all of Philosophy?

About Me

"I love exposing the irrationality, ignorant, mental illness and moral reprobate of the atheist fool."

Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Protestant
Education: Post Grad

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