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RSS VictorCrowl

Reward Points:33
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0 points

This media manipulates you to believe completely false claims

People of both parties know the media is fake. Democrats just don't care that it's fake. They care about leftism.

1 point

Probably better not vote Democrat then.

1 point

I understand that you proudly present yourself with a picture of a guy who obviously has no clue and is fucked in the head.

1 point

I want some mustard and bun with your wank.

2 points

I can smell your male stink and it smelleth wonderful. You should pee on a debate and mark it as yours. Do it now.

1 point

It stands to reason that the most efficient way to make it fair is to set the rules for all to abide by before the event.

Like a rule that says don't jump the border, and get in line?

3 points

In other words, accusations with no convictions, and Stormy Daniels had to pay him $300,000 in legal fees. stormy-daniels-lawsuit-pay-trump-legal-fees

1 point

Are Republicans Just Simply Less Evolved?

Of course. It explains why white liberals don't reproduce or defend their pack from possibly threatening foreign invaders.

1 point

Nomenclature is like the retarded friend you keep around to make you look like a genius stud to the ladies.

1 point

Puppet account condemning puppet accounts noted.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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