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RSS Vinisha0905

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Some people may think that while modern technology improves the quality of people's lives medically, it's side effects could cause adverse effects. While many modern medical marvels like keyhole surgery, gamma knife, defibrillator,immunization and anesthesia can lessen pain, provide protection and serves as a more non-invasive measure. However, modern technology such as chemotherapy can cause more harm to people's lives than benefit it. While chemotherapy aims to destroy the cancer cells that plague the body, it can eliminate the beneficial cells as well. This would in turn cause the person's immune system to weaken, causing him to be more susceptible to other diseases. Another example would be steroids that are prescribed to help cure internal bleeding. However, it's side effects worsen the patient's condition even further by causing the other organs to be damaged and eventually shut down. Hence, some modern technology can cause more harm then intended, leaving the quality of the person's live even worse than before.

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