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3 points

Is this sarcasm? What is funny is that you can't tell because there are people who believe that the government is able to and should shield us from reality. This whole mess was created by the government on many levels.

3 points

America is a wonderful country. Why should any of its citizens face the pain and anguish of loss when we have so much? Think of all the employees of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Think of the humiliation the executives will have to suffer. Think of the shareholders losing their retirement.

In fact, the pain these individuals would have to face just isn't America. In America, no one should have to feel the force of reality if it hurts them. We have the resources and should provide a safety net for all companies and individuals that are hurt by cruel capitalism and reality.

In fact, let's extend this financial safety net to all Americans. Have you ever lost a business? Painful, yes? Have you ever lost a job? Have you suffered humiliation of debt?

America is greater then pain. Let's bail out everyone who feels reality hasn't treated them well.

The US Government is bigger than reality and can soften its blow for everyone.


2 points

Yes, show some integrity. Why have we lost our integrity? What will it take to get it back?

2 points

Who said Government structures? Government programs seem to produce the opposite results that they intend.

I am talking about cultural and personal structures. Our current marriage and family process is a mess.

The 50% of the people who aren't like you are making a big mess. How do we fix that?

3 points

"If people were more honest with each other and themselves we'd probably see a higher success rate."

I started this debate and believe marriage needs new structures. Total honesty is such a structure and I support this. What if "cheating" no longer existed because we were all honest?

3 points

Over 50% of both men and women have had sex outside of their marriage. We have an incredibly sexualized culture. Monogamy will not go back in its box. Rather than trying to pretend, we need to create new structures that recognize our actual behaviors. Once we do this, people can negotiate behaviors that are more realistic.

3 points

I believe the US should become like Switzerland. No other country has military bases in the United States. We wouldn't permit that! Yet we believe we can have military bases in other countries.

This WWII and Cold War mentality have drained our treasury, cost the lives of our service men and women and created a contempt for the US that has replaced admiration for our freedom and opportunity.

We don't need to be the world policeman.

Close all the bases overseas, tell other countries that we won't interfere in their internal disputes and if any other country messes with us, we will retaliate.

The risk? I believe we will reduce our risk of attack because, like Switzerland, we won't be as provocative.

We save money, we regain respect, we can be proud of America.

4 points

I grew up religious and my father was an evangelical preacher. He read into the Bible what he wanted to believe. So, why not a new God? The reason I was an evangelical Christian was because I was born into an evangelical Christian family. If I was born Catholic, I would have been Catholic. Truth? It depends on the culture or family you were born into.

So, why not CHOOSE a faith? Hey, I just had a spaghetti dinner, and it was great. So, bow your heads and pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Winning Position: Marital monogamy is necessary

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