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RSS Warjiin

Reward Points:63
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2 points

I dunno.. Just the other day you said that some pansy libs BLOCKED a bunch of angry right wingers from getting INTO a stadium..

A bunch of old people, who they pushed down. Pretty sick aren't they?

DUDE! If your armed right wing militia couldn't get past a couple of hippies, you've already LOST..

Name any right wing malitia that was present.

Now tell me, if white supremacists are everywhere, how come black statues never get touched and we haven't heard a peep out of them during the left's crusade to lock people in their homes like psychopaths and burn down the black parts of Democrat run cities?

2 points

I'm thinking it's gonna be a blowout. The dems will retake the Senate with a 60 vote majority, and we'll be able to DO anything.

That's a scary thought. This is the party who legalized sex changes for children and arrested people for going outside, just to turn around, go outside in destructive mobs, praise the mobs, and then tell you that you still can't go outside.

doncha think they'll pass true universal health care

You said they already had the other day. I take it that you admit that was untrue.

real immigration reform

What's that? Open borders?

and a revamping of the police??

Revamp? They are saying abolish. Better have a lot of ammo and somethings to fire it with.

0 points

It's a fire department funded by Capitalism. The state didn't produce the funds to fund it, meaning it isn't Socialism according to Merriam Webster.

If it needs Capitalists to fund it, it's Capitalism. If it needs Capitalists to fund it, it isn't Socialism.

-7 points
-4 points
-2 points
Warjiin(63) Clarified
-2 points
1 point

I support open rape of inmates by wardens.

1 point

This is a good point. Libs never do these kinds of things.

1 point

You want to see Elton John naked dancing on a dancefloor of KY.

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