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RSS Warjin

Reward Points:1577
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

WTF? $15 an hour is about the people, how is this bad for you in anyway?

Why wouldn't you want to help yourself and others live a better life?

Your are so fucking angry at anything anti right wing that you would dislike something positive if it goes against your bigoted close minded party line., you are a goddamn fool like for real on the major level, I can understand social issues but a pay increase for all for Americans that choose to work?

I am starting to thing you are nothing more then a fucking troll, if not your a goddam idiot judging by all your post.

Oh and Ban me from this post I don't give a shit, that is all you do, you ban everyone that disagrees with you because you are no true debater you are a close minded fool that is not willing to debate and learn from others with an open mind, you only care about party agenda even if it goes against you own logic, people like you are whats wrong with the world.

1 point

Lol im scared, ok you won. .

1 point

True but one of the factors that helped her get back with the man is money wouldn't that in a sense be a form of prostitution?

Sure not in the sense like your average street walker but in the sense of being with someone and having sex with the man because the money is coming wouldn't you think?

1 point

Because if one of the factors for her getting back with the man was needing money and in turn sex with him in time wouldn't that be a form of prostitution?

I mean you can still gain child support from the man without being with him and having sex with him wouldn't you think?

1 point

I would think wouldn't you ?

2 points

Conservative don't need a liberals help in twisting the truth conservative do fine just on there own.

2 points

We have more evidence of UFO and alien visitation here on earth then there is of any religious God, I find it strange that you are skeptical over UFO's but not about religion judging by your Christian profile.

1 point

True Trump is an attention whore, he is a BIG narcissist, his ego needs him to become president and now that he is getting older becoming president would be the icing on his person cake.

Warjin(1577) Clarified
1 point

Lol, funny !

1 point

Trump wants to become President he wanted this for a long time now sense the 1980's.

Trump knows that if he does not win 2016 he will never become president because he will be to old for another run, given Americans history with false flag terror attacks I can so see Trump planing such an elaborate plan I mean he has the money to pull this off and making a deal with another billionaire there is no limit to what they can do.

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Winning Position: No do it this way...
Winning Position: No it's not prostitution.
Winning Position: Unresolved
Winning Position: (PROOF) Owning a Slave is RIGHT!
Tied Positions: That's F$%ked Up : ( vs. Lol
Winning Position: OMG, Great news!
Winning Position: Congrats Pennsylvania

About Me

"Truth seeker that questions everything."

Biographical Information
Name: Tony 
Gender: Male
Age: 44
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Religion: Agnostic
Websites: Culture in Decline

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