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RSS Wartsauce

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Cancel culture tactics aren't working today for you burrito Hitler?

Why did you use memes of Conservatives?

3 points

Banned for saying a white supremacist, privileged thing like Hitler hates whites. You should have checked your privilege before endorsing your Aryan master.

2 points

Capitalism will destroy itself, halfwit. Are you literally so unfathomably stupid that you believe a system rooted in human exploitation will survive indefinitely?

Xi Jinping warns Communist Party would be ‘overthrown’ if Taiwan’s independence push left unchecked

President tells KMT chief Chinese people would overthrow Communist regime if island’s push for formal separation permitted, media reports say

1 point

A Rump conservative asking "TRUMP WAS RIGHT???

The video is of a liberal who attended Occupy.

1 point

That makes me happy!

Trump being right again makes you happy? I now theorize that what makes a brain turn Democrat is a cocktail of drugs.

2 points

Look.. Anybody who wears a birds nest on his head, and thinks we believe it's real, is STUPID, STUPID, STUPID..

Anyone who claims white supremacists are everywhere, then starts killing whites in Democrat cities, while pretending they have to be Republicans, despite Republicans living in small towns and farms is stupid, stupid, stupid.

1 point

Obama's outstanding "oratoration" abilities were his DOWNFALL??

Framing a 3 star general and weaponizing the NSA, CIA, and the FBI will be his downfall.

He is STILL THEE most popular politician in the United States .... second only to his WIFE!

His wife isn't and never was a politician.

Trump approval at Gallup ‘highest,’ better than Obama, Bush

By Paul Bedard

May 16, 2020 than-obama-bush? amp=true

1 point

Firstly, Obama didn't build the cages.

Thirdly, blaming Obama for building the cages instead of Trump for putting children inside them


Did Obama Admin Build Cages That House Immigrant Children at U.S.-Mexico Border?


1 point

There's two things wrong with whataboutism, which is your go to.. First off, it shows you AGREE that the behavior was nasty, but it's ok because Obama did worse...

So Obama did worse, you voted for him anyway, but orange man bad, because leftism.

The second thing is, it's soooo juvenile and stupid.. It's reminiscent of "I'm rubber, you're glue.. Everything I say bounces off me and sticks to you". It was stupid when I first heard it in 5th grade, and it's still stupid..

In other words, you know Obama did it and you didn't care, but...what about Trump...those cages never mattered until it wasn't a Democrat, but pet you anyway. Nothanks. No petting for you.

1 point

Sounds like you agree with me that this cop is disgusting, but feel the need to misdirect and ignore Biden acting like he owns the black man.

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