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2 points

If a liberal doesn't like a talk show host, they burn him on the social media stake.

If a conservative doesn't like a talk show host, they demand he get's sued.

If a liberal doesn't like what science says, they condescend to make it seem as if it doesn't matter.

If a conservative doesn't like what science says, they point to the Bible.

If a liberal thinks what someone else says is "offensive" they demand that they're censored.

If a conservative thinks what someone else says goes against tradition they belittle them as children.

Both parties suck - so stop acting as if either is inherently better.

2 points

What kind of moral guidance does the Atheist have?

Well it depends on the atheist, you decide for yourself. Why does someone need moral guidance? I think it says a lot about a person when they tell me that they need a fictional book to tell them not to kill people.

you will simply do whatever you think is right

Yup, because I am a fully functioning human being that can make his own decisions. Crazy, I know.

That Bible/Koran/Talmud etc... contains a lot of wisdom on how to live a good life

Oh you know, cause it's so moral to stone gay people to death. Or to murder people who don't follow your ideology. Or to drown everyone on Earth. Or to enslave those that don't belong to your race. Or to treat women as their husband's property. The list goes on for the "moral" things those religions in particular encourage.

I didn't follow your link

Because you're such an open minded person who is willing to see other viewpoints

It comes from tolerance

Which is a good thing

Non-religious people tolerate fags and pedos and other freaks because they are confused about the difference between good and evil

Okay so first of all, there is no good reason to be against homosexuality, period. You're welcome to try and argue against it but I'll only listen to points not ground in some fictional story. Secondly, why the fuck do you think we tolerate pedophiles? The Christian church is the one with all the priests feeling up their altar boys.

Why do you have this insistence that the non-religious are immoral? There is literally not a shred of evidence in support of it and in fact there is plenty to show the reverse. People don't need some invisible sky dictator to tell them what's right or wrong, if you need something like that to tell you that its bad to kill, steal, rape, etc. Then you have something seriously wrong.

2 points

Okay kidding aside I don't think you realize how disgusting you being proud of that is. You have emotionally manipulated your children into subscribing to a belief system which is patently false. "If atheists are allowed to lead the youth" then we wouldn't have any fairy tales being taught as fact, they would be stories and nothing else. Additionally, children that are raised nonreligious tend to have more empathy for other people according to a study detailed here.

Don't claim to know how to universe started - it is not only plain wrong but it is harmful in that it stops us from looking to try and find the truth.

2 points

Oh well I guess we should expect that about all the Greek writers who lived all around the same time, or the Romans, or the Norse, or the Chinese, or the Japanese, or for literally any one of the people who founded any of our 4 MILLION FUCKING RELIGIONS would have done the same thing.

(unsurprisingly) you clearly have no idea what evolution is. It is gradual, there was no "uncle monkey", additionally we never evolved FROM monkeys. We are simply closely related to them because we share a common ancestor. Of course this isn't a concept you would understand, but I figured maybe you have some shred of intelligence left.

2 points

Oh yup, you're so cool - beating atheists every day, fuck yeah! So why are atheists automatically immoral?

4 points

Jeez this is hilarious. You realize this is the equivalent of saying that people who don't like Star Wars are scared of Darth Vader? As horrible as the Bible is no one is scared of the fictional characters in it.

2 points

Well I am an atheist, and a Boy Scout. Most of my troop is aware of it (I'm not in the closet), and as far as I can tell they don't give a shit. It is true that Boy Scouts has some religious aspects but I love the program as a whole and it isn't nearly as exclusively regressive as many frame it as.

Oh joy. Another insane person. You do realize that you're a walking cliche, right?

Freedom of speech should be held paramount - it is a prerequisite to all other rights. Now, if someone says something which intentionally gets someone hurt then they should be punished for the crime they caused - but there should be no punishment for speech, it doesn't matter what was said.

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