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RSS Watari

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1 point

Although we are wasting money to make them, we don't necessarily have to make them every year, there would be enough to survive for 5 year increments or more. Additionally, with prices jumping as they are, the prices will now jump 5 cents at a time, instead of incrementally by the cent. The economy not having pennies is like that one missing piece in a puzzle that you can never find.

1 point

Three words, and a hyphen: Left-aligned Layout.          

2 points

This coming from someone who is a brony. Capitalism does not work. You are an insult to Soviet Equestria.

1 point

Overpopulation is a threat. There is only enough food, water and space for a certain number.

2 points

Socialism is the best way for democracy to evolve.      

1 point

One of the best games I've played in a long time. It brings simplicity to a new level, but adds amazing art style to add some depth. I would recommend it strongly.

Watari(70) Clarified
1 point

IF they did, it would probably be with either chemical, biological, or technological warfare.

Watari(70) Clarified
1 point

... unavoidable death cannot be used. Many people believe that it's possible that Asia will attack the US and Canada.

1 point

The 'problem' with biological warfare is that things like Lou Gehrig's disease and cancers aren't contagious (probably a good thing, honestly). So many things that are a, so far, unavoidable death.

Watari(70) Clarified
1 point

Worst in this case: the most effective to kill in the area targeted.

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Tied Positions: It's their choice! vs. Too much! / Too young!
Winning Position: The worst possible disease for biological warfare?
Winning Position: Imaginary!
Winning Position: We should not stop
Winning Position: Ugh! Why Google why?
Winning Position: Slenderman

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