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Reward Points:129
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10 most recent arguments.
WeeklyManner(129) Clarified
1 point

A year ago, I pretended to be younger than usual and started saying I want to kill myself. They all didn't do anything.

I wouldn't say this shit either.

"Hellno said:

Lol, yeah I'll remove it

WeeklyManner said:

Actually, no. I'm an actual kid and not a hater."

Oh, and I was Corruption. There's that, too. Better reactions to corrupted text troll than this one.

At the door, someone keeps telling us to join the church every Sunday, Saturday, and Monday at 11:30 saying that we need to go to the church or else god will kill you. Same threat, but we still go anyways. And I know the bread resembles his body and blood as wine, but I don't see those specific things for those items. It seems that my church is in terrible conditions!

The grape juice is with alcohol and it is a retarded church. Telling jokes at the end of mass and no leaving prayer.

WeeklyManner(129) Clarified
1 point

I still can't believe you still can't take the joke. Just stop trying to solve what I say.

WeeklyManner(129) Clarified
1 point

I live in the most calmest areas and there has been no guns in the neighborhood; just BB guns that can only go through styrofoam. The only bad things in my neighborhood is dumb teenagers tripping as a football player, poor-quality "drug" dealings, and firecrackers in trash cans. There is no way a person could shove a rusty shovel up my ass because I train for those events to happen. I disarmed a guy with a BB gun in 2 seconds and headbutt a football player. (not soccer) And like I said, I was a kid, so I wouldn't hit them very hard, only a bit hard. So I need a nickname of 13th weakest neighborhood award given at my local park right now.

I'll use common sense and not bible text for my evidence

I am a forced Christian, a person who was forced to believe in God by not his will. I have to experience with atheists, but I think they wouldn't have to eat the bread of god or blood of god (wine, even for kids) since that seems to be a lie. My church always says that the bread of god is just bread in a thin circle and blood of god is wine. They say to pray every so 2 hours which I find bulls--t because that waste my time.

I'm the unordinary for my hobbies, as if they seem to not relate to me, a KID. My hobbies are chasing people with a rusty shovel, threats, telling violent jokes that actually happened, and hanging out with people above my age and NOT chasing them. Do I need to see a psychiatrist or something? Oh, and also video games.

WeeklyManner(129) Clarified
1 point

Hellno, the irony of these replies is that there is a person named TrumpsHair. What the actual f--k.

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Name: Stalk er
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States

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