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So I can decry the state of the world and morality in general?! Sign me right up, someone make a campaign for this to happen.

Yep. This is the same thing as the "White people are all racist" cry that seems to be everywhere because this is implying there is no individuality. There is. People consistently forget about the whites who helped the Underground Railroad, the ones who campaigned to have slavery banned. No one class of people is all the same. Everyone is an individual. But that's not to say that a class can be oppressed. An obvious example is the peasantry of medieval England.

Well-I-Never(38) Clarified
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Buddy, it's spelled "Bible", with a capitalized first B. Please use spellcheck or something, because I'm not sure if you had a severe hand spasm ("I" and "A" are on opposite sides of the American keyboard) or were trying to make a reference to the Tower of Babel or joke that the Bible is really "Babble". Cheers!

I'll put it this way:

My family is from the South. We owned plantations, and yes, slaves. Does that mean that I, their descendant, am responsible for the sins they committed? No.

If your grandfather died freeing slaves, then his wife would receive reparations. If she's still alive, that is. Which I doubt because the Civil War was 6 generations ago. But for the sake of continuity, let's continue. If the wife is also dead but they have children/siblings/parents still alive, then obviously they would receive the benefits. As a grandchild, you're not exactly the most eligible for the reparations until all of these people are dead.

On the other hand- these are different times! You live in a completely different world than your parents, aunts, uncles, or grandparents. Viewpoints change. Which is why I have such an issue with calling a white person a colonizer. That was generations ago.

If I want to be petty about this, then no, you're not. Your reward is the fact that you live in a country without slavery. Enjoy your personal freedom.

All I have to say about this interesting topic is this:

It's 'accused'.

Well, for one, they should make it a hell of a lot cheaper to be able to care for your mental health. Therapists, medication, insurance, hospital bills if you have a serious self-harming issue are all expensive. I want to be healthy, mentally and physically, and not have to pay over $100 a session just to have a vent and feel mentally better.

Now, healthcare nowadays is bad, but that's another topic.

There's also the issue of weapons. There should be more talk about how mental issues affect your thoughts and behavior, and your mental health should be taken into consideration before you buy a weapon. It would be hard, because mental issues form differently for different people, but in any instance, mental health should be taken into consideration.

OK, real-life example here. In gym class, everybody was forced to play a game. And every time, only a few select girls (such as myself) actually played dodgeball. Mostly, the others (who were generally the 'popular' sort) stayed in the back and shrieked. In kickball, we were occasionally split male/female into teams, and in general, girls were given five outs when boys got two, or some other ridiculous proportion.

But what I noticed was that the people who generally refused to play were not the ones who were incapable. Indeed, most of the non-players were in sports. But it was the fact that they were just apathetic to the game that they didn't play.

The gym teachers KNEW this fact, and it was not blatant sexism that made them give girls more chances or outs.

But on another note, they did give girls who were actually terrible the chances to get better.

But to the question here. Men and women have different physiologies and their bodies are made differently. So there would be a large disadvantage with there.

Do I believe that women could win against men if they tried hard enough? Yes. Do I think that it is possible for a woman to play with a men's team? Yes. But my issue is from watching the so-called "sporty" girls in my class not participate whatsoever.

How so? It does have negative side effects, why shouldn't people know about them? Are the common people not allowed to know the consequences of smoking or eating junk food? Ignorance is not something that should be encouraged. And knowing those things can lead to healthier populations.

On another note, why are you on the health campaign side when you have an argument against it?

Uh, hun, slow your roll. While I agree that everyone has a different body shape, sometimes it truly is not really a good thing, especially when it is not healthy in and of itself.

While it should not be something one should be ashamed of, people should definitely keep precautions as to their weight. Asking your doctor what your ideal weight should be and be keeping to the proper amount of exercise one should have each week. And while I realize pregnancy and not having enough time are factors, you should also try and keep a healthy diet and/or exercise as much as you can.

And please, do not accuse people of being Nazis.

Yes, but they should not be using them openly in class. A phone can be used to contact their parent/guardian(s), keep them connected to their friends and family, and be a source of news.

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