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RSS Werewolfie17

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I believe that the word has nothing to do with it. Some people propose a 'civil union'. Well. So and so's girlfriend did not ask her to 'civil union' me. And besides. If a gay couple respects 'marriage' as a union between a man and a woman, why can a straight couple not recognize 'marriage' between a man and a man or a woman and a woman?

I believe it is personally legitimate to, a certain degree, allow judgments to be based upon a male's hair length. Hearken back to the sixties and seventies when people were sex and drug addicts, people have no choice but to relate and discriminate. While I do not agree that they are freaks, I do agree that it is entirely unnecessary for men to have long hair. What purpose does it serve? If you say it's your right to individuality, then you must be willing to make sacrifices for it. If you are applying for a job, you're sacrificing your individuality either way. It's your choice, there are pros and cons with each choice you make in life. I agree that it IS just hair. But people's looks are half of the first impression. Most males do not take the time to take care of their hair. They normally put it in a pony tail. Therefore, it looks incredibly unprofessional, greasy, and on top of that, immature. What purpose does long hair serve?

There was a study done with Rhesus monkeys in the 70s...About 1500 of them. They were strapped to sleds and pushed down a hill. All had seat belts. They crashed into a wall at the end of the hill.

All of the monkeys survived. Yay for seat belts!!!


Monkey number 251 had 8 broken ribs, hemorrhaging, a broken arm, and a dislocated hip.

Monkey number 479 was broken in half at the base of his spine and put to sleep shortly after the test.

1326 of the 1500 monkeys died within thirty minutes after the test.

Result - Seat belts make no difference; if anything, they make things worse.

3 points

All TV shows are written down as scripts (a form of book) first...

7 points

Not necessarily. You might be able to exercise with television and electronics, but think about where your brain is going. Did you know that television and other gaming systems are the main cause of ADD and ADHD? Other people, like a friend of mine with epilepsy, cannot do watch television or play games. He is a bodybuilder and writes books. He is well informed in Elizabethan literature and other works from the earlier centuries of time. So it boils down to how you spend your time, and how you live your life. You may get muscles while exercising during a TV episode of Spongebob, but you also probably lost ten points of your IQ. You can choose to be entertained and be healthy physically, or you can choose to be entertained, be healthy physically, AND make yourself smarter.

You are making assumptions that our economy would be better and taxes would decrease if the National Park Service was abolished...

Pardon me sir, natural wonders of the world that exist in our own back yards. Excuse me...

So you are saying as the dominant, most sentient being on this planet, we have no responsibility to take care of it? To maintain ourselves as the dominant species?

The red wolf was actually a lower class of wolves that other wolves preyed upon. That does not make them at the top of the food chain. I thought we were as primary hunters, or did I miss that fact too?

Did you forget bears that are native to the same region as the red wolf? If your excuse is that for a wolf, what is it for the protected Brown Pelican?

Yes, I believe I did. Or do you actually lack such insight to infer the deeper meaning from said animated movie?

I also noticed how you didn't argue with my other points...Do you concede those to me?

Wall-E's message is simple. If the Earth is not taken care of, it will not exist. Unfortunately for those blobs of fat that sit at their computer wishing everything else would fade away, we do not have the space age technology to send us into space for five hundred years. In other words, take care of the only planet we do have. Or die. Simple enough for you, yes?

You're saying if an alien race thousands of years ahead of us technology wise came to earth to probe you, perhaps kill you, you'd be okay with that because you were the inferior specie and that was your price to pay?

Do your research - The Rosies of World War 2. All the women went to work in the factories while the men were off fighting. They had to work hard and long hours. And as soon as the men got back, they got laid off and forgotten. Hardly seems far to me.

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About Me

"I am currently 17, almost 18 years old. I am on the debate team at my high school, and enjoy a good argument with other educated people. This site is amazing; it allows you to voice your opinion no matter what it is."

Biographical Information
Name: Emily 
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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