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RSS WhatIsDaAuck

Reward Points:273
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10 most recent arguments.

wtf, i am not a leftist or talking about the left !stay on topic !my opionion is my opinion, not hogwash .you are an unwashed hog !

i am ok with forcing every state to allow men having 20 wives .even if i didnt ,what is your point ?

contributions ,so it is fair for eveyrone .if you just pay people based on what they want ,it is not fair for people who do work .

up vote !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well i dont think the state should be involved with marriage at all ,that everyone can marry who they want .it is you who thinks that gay men cannot marry anyone .

WhatIsDaAuck(273) Clarified
1 point

the left is also an enemy of free speech .yet trump wants to throw flag burners in jail and "open up our libel laws" to sue the press .

if straight people can marry 20 people than so can gay people .

"I think you need to spend some time researching."

is being on createdebate not researching ?

""unless that breaks the law.""

"It doesn't. A owner of a business can turn down whom he or she wishes to serve."

if that is legal. if it is not legal ,then it is against the law .

""not the customers problem""

"Grant it, it isn't. Not unless he wants a cake baked by a religious baker. Then it becomes a problem."

what if they just want a cake and dont care about the bakers religion ?

""his religion is not an excuse to break the law .suck it up and obey the law .i know of some people whose religion permitted them to fly planes into the world trade center .not an excuse !""

He isn't breaking the law. [or is he?[ He is refusing to bake a cake for a homosexual couple based on religious beliefs in which he religion can condemn him. [his religion is irrelevant to the law] Besides, those people that you speak of, their religion doesn't permit them to fly anything into a tower full of innocent people, they themselves chose that. [i heard that islam says they should do that]

i did create a debate on how islam sucks .let us continue our discussion over there .

yes, to allow freedom ,as any normal person would do ..............................

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Winning Position: No
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Winning Position: Yes, they are crybabies
Winning Position: Why do they call it religious liberty?
Winning Position: No, abortion is good for them
Tied Positions: Welfare is fate vs. Welfare is a choice

About Me

"i believe in freedom. do you ? if so, tell others . if not, why not ? auck !"

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: United States

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