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RSS Whereismyref

Reward Points:5
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6 most recent arguments.
0 points

No the side in which that side cowars from hence being the side in which you did not post for being opposed to will win. quite simple

2 points

Hellz yeah! If we do not know what to say I just plant a juicy one right on her lips and swap =0

1 point

I'm gonna make love to ya till yo eyes roll back I'ma put you to bed bed bed!!!

-J. Holiday Bed-

1 point

I had kinda forgot about him he was a great man.

2 points

Think of it this way. Lets say it is you laying in a hospital bed being pumped with pain killers. You see how upset your family is when they come in to see you, doctors are always talking about what a waste of time you are in the room next door, you cannot go to the bathroom by yourself. I would not be able to live like a 110 year old man when I am anywhere below 70 years old! To be in constant pain would be horrible. I would not be able to live with seeing the pain in my families eyes. It is true that the last step off of a building to your death is the toughest, but when you are trapped in a hospital bed you cannot even get a window open. I would beg for my family members to pull the plug on me give me a whole bottle of melatonin or something. I know I could not bear to live like a diseased animal. So now look at that man laying in the hospital bed asking you for help. Could you deny him? If it was you would you not ask the same question? Euthanasia is help not murder.

2 points

I couldn't thats for sure

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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