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RSS WildTuna

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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

there are XY women who have no advantage in sports because of the nuances of their genetics

Yet the trans community just keeps on winning women's sports with "no advantage". What do you think we're stupid?

1 point

The fact you didn't read the article, stating that the super majority was changed from 19 to 18 just to get it to the floor, much less in the actual vote, still fully making my point, proves why you are a Democrat.

1 point

By the way, apparently leftists think we can't go back and watch or read their past arguments. Here they claim just doing active shooter drills coul traumatize kids. 2018/local/school-lockdowns-in-america/

In this one, just the act of doing drills where the teacher locks the door and turns off the light is traumatic for kids.

1 point

The fact you are on a debate site and don't know what a super majority is is stupid, stupid, stupid. Republicans can't just ram things through on their own simply by having the majority. Your party must participate, and they chose not to. Your party said screw the locks and security measures because it might traumatize a child to see armed guards and locks.

1 point

What an epic self own.

1 point

The Florida government has enough money to waste. Why should Disney's tax money be replaced by tax payers in the first place? Is there a rule somewhere that says if Disney pays less taxes the citizen should pay more? Wtf are you talking about?

1 point

Look.. Sexual images are EVERYWHERE

Thank a Democrat.

1 point

A link about midterm trends doesn't explain Republicans outnumbering Democrats for the first time in my lifetime despite not outnumbering them prior to Biden being elected.

1 point

To make this claim out of thin air and with no evidence whatsoever

You do lie alot about other things so.. Like the story about the black guy you felt sorry for due to how whites treated him while you have no interest in blacks physically and verbally attacked by white Democrats if they fall out of line and think out loud for themselves.

1 point

Now, right wingers think their freedom trumps yours, and you better get out of the way.

Didn't your party defend censorship on Twitter as a private company until they were purchased by someone you are afraid could censor you and allow another voice to speak you brain dead hypocrite? Oh that's right. Now these innocent leftists think free speech should be a thing again.

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