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2 points

I'm going to say first that I'm definitely capitalism all the way. Now with that said,a part of me and most other people who choose capitalism is because of the fact that we're used to it. It's basically proven that people tend to always choose what they are the most used to because they fear what they do not understand or have no experienced. From the socialism that we have seen in places like China(And yes I'm aware that China is communist but it basically coincides with socialism) we know how dangerous socialism can be. But how can we be so sure that the same type of socialism would happen in America? As far as we know,our "socialism" might not go any further than losing private property(which admittedly is still pretty bad). I just think it's a good thing to keep an open mind about this situation but as I said,I'm a capitalist 100%. I like having freedom,rights,and liberty. I like making money and buying things for myself rather than making money for people who don't work. But that's just me,everyone has the right to their own opinion.

1 point

Not necessarily,that just makes Halo and GTA more innovative,not better. There are many games they were highly innovative before they were released but when they came out they were a FAIL!!!!!!

1 point

I completely agree with you,I stopped listening to rap after Tupac died as well. Ciara honestly needs help,there are very few singers that I can just bluntly criticize but seriously if you're going to be a singer then make sure you can actually sing

Ciara's audition for American Idol
3 points

The bible has many valid things in it,I mean whether you're a Christian or not you can still admit that the bible has proven to be somewhat prophetic. But there are some things in the bible that make absolutely no sense and no amount of rationalization can be put behind them. The bible condemns some groups of people for being who they naturally are,it convinces people that possession of slaves are ok(as long as you treat them right),and it just says all of these other contradicting things. It's best to not consider the bible a completely reliable source but at the same time,don't blow it off as being totally inaccurate because you're allowing yourself to be just as closed minded as the ones that believe in it 100%

4 points

Of course a ninja would be a pirate in a fight. Ninjas are all like now you see me,now you don't and pirates are all like arg,give me your booty!

1 point

Considering that fact that they are already in pre-war conditions,I'm going to go with more than likely. It's no secret that North and South Korea aren't exactly"allies" of each other and war between the two is always bound to happen. The real question is if and how will this war between the two will affect the U.S.

2 points

Hands down,these are some of the best type of video games there is to date. Throughout the years,war video games have constantly made improvements in graphics and gameplay. It only continues to improve with franchises such as Call of Duty and Ghost Recon. Along with RPG's,this is the genre that I look forward to the most for gaming.

1 point

I respect anyone who does believe in global warming because as of 2 years ago,so did I. But time and enlightenment has changed my opinion on that. I've come to a conclusion that the whole"going green/global warming thing" is just another way for the government to make more money. The government will find any and everyone to rob Americans of their finances until we are literally"broke". They'll raise our taxes,put out new bills,and get us to spend more money all for the better "advancement" for the country.

1 point

New Yorkers should allow the mosque to be built,what really is a good reason to not have it built? There is none,um hello people See: U.S. Constitution freedom of religion. Many people will fire back at me and say "well it isn't morally right and look at what the Muslims did to us on 9/11". To be honest,that is a relatively weak argument because history shows that American has not always had the same allies it has now. Japan,one of America's biggest allies to date used to be one of America's biggest enemies. But what did we learn to do? We learned to make amends with them and move on from the past,perhaps we should try doing the same thing for the Muslims.

1 point

Socialism,it's already starting with America. Whether you like Obama and Bush or not,you have to admit that our economy has become steadfastly worse and worse from Bush's presidency to now. Though Bush did many things to make our economy,he simply laid down the carpet for Obama to finish up the job. Are they aware of what they are doing? Of course they are,it's intentional. You really think that Obama,much less any other president would "coincidently" put arguably the best nation in the world,3 trillion dollars in debt. Of course not,this is all being done on purpose as we make our slow but steady approach towards socialism. Some of our leaders do not care about doing what is "morally" or constitutionally right anymore,they simply care about one thing and that one thing is money. What better way to gain money than through a socialistic government? In truth,there is no better way other than going up to everyone and demanding their money which wouldn't work very well in a country where the constitution guarantees us the right to bear arms. So then Obama must act like he's doing one thing,while in truth,he is doing another. Hidden motives,that seems to be the main way any corrupt leader can accomplish what they want to accomplish. Just look at what is going on in France right now,a fight over socialism. It's sad but true,that is the future of the world. The middle class and the upper class will soon know the horrors of living the life of a poor person. Of course,knowing Obama,he will offer government jobs to those who really need it and in exchange all you'll have to give him is 60% or more of what you make ans you'll most likely pledge your allegiance not to the U.S. Flag,but to him and his czars.

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