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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Only liberals would call evolved survival instincts a phobia. Minorities themselves use the same instincts even once they move to multicultural areas.

1 point

How do you know it isn't? You don't.

2 points

He's too stupid to begin to grasp what you just typed.

1 point

There has been a debate. You've never seen a credible source. You got a pile of left wing sources. That's what losing looks like. That's what losers like you do. Lose.

1 point

Everyone read the Op. It says:

In all my time here, I cannot recall a single occasion when Bronto has linked a credible news source to support a claim.

Credible links were provided. You lost the debate.

3 points

The market is 7,000 points higher than when Trump was elected. If we go by your standard, Obama's entire Presidency was a super crash.

Supporting Evidence: DOW closings (
1 point

I'm still waiting for the left to say something on its provable election fraud. They say nothing instead.

1 point

He LIED to the FBI and PLEAD GUILTY to it.

Because they were going after his son next otherwise. You would have done the same regardless.

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