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1 point

hey have you seen project natal that takes a shit on top of sony nintendo and you all at once.

and what dose sony have? there 2nd project that rips off the wii?


2 points

sorry to say but i did say "this" world as in ours. and last time i checked we dont have the "magic mushrooms" your talking about

3 points

Well you welcome about puting in robotnik i find its a way more badass name then eggman but as you were saying a army of any of the bosses in sonic 2 or 3 would end it quickly

2 points

I think he means thats all he dose it try to take a princess or her castle.When robotnik/eggman trys to find new ways of taking over the world even though they all involve the chaos emrealds

-2 points
1 point

I would have to go with the Eggman/Robotnik giant robots vs turtles... have to go with the army of giant robots

0 points

Well ya who else would put the presents under the tree? our parents? fuck no!

2 points

Look lets look at it like this the ps3 and the 360 are game systems so what should we look at the games? what dose the PS3 have about 4 good games as for for the 360 all we have is fucking good games halo3, GOW2, viva pinata, fable 2, the exclusive content for GTA4, Guilty Gear 2: Overture, Fuzion Frenzy 2, banjo kazooie nuts and bolts, halo3: ODST, Halo wars, Crackdown, 1 vs 100. Heck the list i just mentioned is more then all the exclusives the PS3 has and i didnt even count the arcade titels that we have. Sure the RROD is a problem but hey microsoft fixed the new consoles and they fix the old ones for free if we look at what the PS3 has its got MGS4, LBP, Infamous, and probably one or two more games i dont remember. and other then that its got blu- ray which dosnt look that much better then HD anyway. now come on pepole yes we have to pay for xbox live but most of that $ is going to updating it and making it better, heck we are geting our $ worth by far. now come on folks really now. yes the PS3 has free online but hey you are geting your $ worth of that online 2 its fucking shit in a bag. you never go around and hear pepole talking about how much they owned online in MGS4 you hear them talking about COD and Halo. i mean look at the 360 its cheaper then the Wii that was about all nintendo had going for them a cheap fun console but now the xbox is cheaper and its better. If you even look at the sales of the PS2 last month they beat the PS3, and they are still making games for them. now you know your console false when more then a year l8tr your old console is still doing better and geting new games. i cant even remember that last time they released a new Xbox game. Look in the end its just a better console for gaming, yes you can surf the web but when i buy a game console i want to fucking play games on it. and not just games i want good games, ones that will be fun online i want to be able to find my friends, i want to talk to my friends who are playing halo while i play super smash bros brawl. As it shows i have an xbox, and yes i do find it awesome. Do i hate the PS3? no, maybe it will be a good console some day but right now? its not, it sux, and its not worth the $500

About Me

"im a 17 year old male who hates you nuff said"

Biographical Information
Name: Kevin Doucette
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: Canada
Religion: Christian-other
Education: In College

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