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I believe that there is some serious brainwashing going on in the US media. Programs such as the NBC are perfect examples of misinformation especially when concerning sensitive information (Megyn Kelly and V.Putin interview). By shielding out and cutting out clips that are relevant to the conversation they are removing the other sides right of expression and in the process adopting a neonazi stance they are also misinforming the public just to get their message across of I’m right and you’re wrong.

1 point

Shame that you are not atheist. You know after all if we would have avoided Christianity and the overall movement of eclecticism we would have been much farther ahead our time. And anyways that’s the trend now, less and less people believing in ludicrous claims.

1 point

Firstly it is absolutely ludicrous to assume that Russia is a non democratic government when in fact it is. Yes, it may be run by a candidate who has lots of power and a high vote percentage however it is slowly declining. If you look at statistics only 62% support Putin now compared to 83% 3 years ago. Secondly, Russia has no interest in these elections since Trump is very hostile towards Russia and seems to counter every move, while Obama was more of a Putin’s puppet. Shame to see the indoctrination carried out by the media affecting US citizens and making them completely oblivious to the actuality of the situation.

Winning Position: Yes it is

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