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RSS YawnOfSnooze

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I would say what he's saying is the result was workers being worked harder for less money in real life. Lefties don't live in real life. They live in utopian theory.

The infinite regress must stop at some point, so our options are does it take a something to create something, seeing nothing can only create nothing. And if only something can create something, and we are conscious, the only thing that can create consciousness is an uncreated consciousness beyond our space and time who created our space and time.

We will send an animal or a woman to the moon.

2 points

Ella Wheeler Wilcox molested children and animals though.

Wow. I cannot believe it bronto.

0 points

(So no argument as per usual. Just a primitive appeal to populism via the spamming of memes containing cherry-picked quotes from three people, one of which is frequently described as "the most evil woman in British history" (Thatcher)

Ad hominem. The point is still correct.

while Rand is described by the Psychology Today journal as a failed philosopher.

That's how the left discredits anyone who disagrees with them. We get that.

No comment on Churchill

So no comment on Churchill. Using your Thatcher point, he is correct because he's "not the most evil person of all time".

It's not a problem. The way you deal with leftists is to just start laughing at them when they make stupid claims and make childish demands.

With his maturity and knowledge, I had thought he was in his sixties. He destroys you in an awful lot of debates. But you are very young, and you are very stupid.

I don't see bronto on the site. I fo see you though. These are all your own puppets.

Over thirty different women have stepped forward to accuse him of sexual harassment or rape.

Name them.

Then quote them.

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