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RSS YellowYam

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1 point

Abolishing whose army? If I could simultaneously vote to defund Hamas and the US Army, that would be a total victory for Democracy.

1 point

You say 'We' as if this is a meaningful term in regards to the US Army. It isn't. I would rather we merge governments with the Chinese than continue to fund this Capitalist cancer. We wouldn't have to worry about an invasion because we would be inviting them over here. A joint coalition of Russia, China, Mexico, and the Left wing of the United States may just be enough to defeat the Republican party. And that is the military the people of the United States may actually democratically support, especially since in that case people would talk, not simply money.

1 point

If those countries need defense, they can produce their own. At worst, we could pay them, like we do for Israel. I don't even like that idea. The military produces jobs? Well, only for those willing to pursue a career in murder. So we export our factory production but increase our supply of murder? Thoroughly disputed.

1 point

The USG does not represent basically the whole of the working class, who are the vast majority of the American citizens. Thus, the army is a weapon in the hands of the privileged few that may be used against the American citizenry. It undemocratically invades foreign lands, creating enemies for America, for reasons that the military refuses to disclose to the public. WMDs, false-flag 9/11, Lusitania, Vietnam lies, anti-Communism/anti-Unionism, the US Military has been a demonstrable force for evil in the world and has been for at least 100 years. It's time Satan's attack dogs got their due, which is 0 dollars and 0 cents.

A new Left-wing Military should be founded, which will attack and destroy the Republican party and free the citizens from their oligarchial tyranny. Let's even call it a secular Jihad.

The American military should never, EVER, be so strong that the American people cannot defeat it. And it currently is. Thus, in order to defeat this foreign power, we have no recourse except to attempt to use its own illusion of Democracy to cause it to commit suicide.

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