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1 point

Breaking news!

Looks like Germany lost the war. My apologies, I thought it was a draw. Obviously, not very well known and not what my Uncle Barry told me.

1 point

No offense taken. I think you seem like a really nice girl. Hope we can become friends. I have bowel-issues too, and is a bit shy about it. Hopefully, spring is upon us soon. The smell inside my 1-bedroom flat is intolerable. Nr#1 reason I don't date from October to April. Need to open the window.

1 point

It depends where you are coming from. I think we shouldn't favor one side over the other. In West-Virginia we have a saying: It is not about winning, but participating. Also, it so long ago that I can't really remember it. Books don't it for me. No use backstabbing the German's best effort. I am sure they ment well. Of course, it went a little overboard, but it was stressful times for everyone. No point handing out victories, right left and centre.

I think it's left alone, and forgotten about, so we don't do the repeat mistakes.

1 point

Maybe it would be possible to send can openers first. That way would be helpful for opening cans and perhaps be useful for other things as well. It could be can openers with Jesus on them. It could be a way to share some of Jesus' love to the continent. But I am still worried about the high altitude. Also Co2 emissions is a concern, but I presume it wouldn't affect us in West-Virginia too much.

We are quite far away and shouldn't become to polluted by the poison. 12 million cans is a lot of cans. Are you talking small or big cans. They will weight more if they are big, for sure.

1 point

I agree, diebastard. Is it a dutch name by the way? In ancient time, before both you and I was born. The dutch slave-trade was then a profitable business, but you shouldn't be held accountable for that. In the same way, Lebensraum, want what is best for Africa. But blitz-bombing the continent with tin cans is not the way forward. We agree on that. Someone could come in harm's way. Also, the high altitude could make the cans get lost if they land in quicksand or in a lake or something. Then it's all for nothing.

Also, can openers are not readily available everywhere. It would be only the richest who could open the cans and that would be a possible source of division and hatred. I think it is better to leave people alone. God will always find a way. I shall pray for Lebensraum and I am sure he will be ok.

1 point

I don't know. It sounds complicated. My judgement is a bit hit and miss, so I would definitely consult with a friend first.

If his judgement and mine is the same, I would be extra sceptical. Don't trust any of my friends.

As in obligation, you mean have to do something? I don't handle pressure very well. Sorry, never have. I have my own problems, ok? It also depends if I could get away with looking a way or being called out. Hope I don't have to experience a situation like this. It would be awful to get the blame, you know?

1 point

I mostly worried about the cost of fuel. Most space traveling vehicles use s lot of fuel to get to the moon. Planets people can live on are even further away. If it wasn't for the fuel issue, I would support affirmative action taking most Africans to space. I am on the fence her.

1 point

Nonsense, my little friend. There are plenty of unskilled work to be done is space. A lot of planets are not so civilized, you know. Earth is not the only planet. Some are more advanced and som less. I believe the is a planet for all skill levels and all kinds of people. Maybe we will thrive in a more advanced world and minorities (less successful here) will find just a place fitting their abilities. Some planets also have a really good welfare program and no police. The people who live there don't have to steal for a living. You don't even need an ID to buy liquor, but prostitutes are hard to get by. No place is perfect.

1 point

I heard on the news he was a white supremacists. Funny name, though.

1 point

No, I think it wouldn't make much difference. I strongly believe it was a draw, with no clear winner. Hopefully the next war will be better.

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