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RSS YongMing

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4 points

Quite true about not being prisoners. hahas... erms.. Well.. its not up to us whether school uniforms be banned or not... maybe if we are more organized and disciplined then will they ban it... no should say they remove it... :) hahas

1 point

Yes yes, i believe that meeting friends through online friend-making websites like facebook and friendstersis a dangerous way of meeting friends as the "friends" you make is sometimes a bad guy or someone you totally do not know. It could be an old lecher or somebody bad that is out to harass you or invade your privacy. Another reason is that making friends through Facebook will allow your friends to view your profile photos and if the bad guys ever invade your privacy, your photos are in the hands of theirs.

4 points

It gives the student a sense of individuality when they are wearing home clothes and it will let them be more creative in everyway they work in the world. therfore i believe that school uniforms should be banned.

2 points

Hi hi Yong Ming here...:)

Well I think that online debate is quite interesting as it gives us a brief introduction to the IT world and its many other facilities. However, I personally feel that online debate will make many of us more dependent on the on-the-spot-informations as we will be finding informations on the net while debating. While we have online debate, we will realise that through hard work and perserverence, we will be able to find the information we need, regardless of using the net or physical books. We could also experience the reallife forms of debate when we have classroom debates and it can also give us a chanceto speak in front of everyone, training our public speaking ability.

It will also let us experience first-hand of the heat that is involved in the usual debates and while through the online debate, everything is cold as you are unable to see how heated is the argument, unless your opponent types "!!!!" in his argument.

Therefor, I believe that through classroom debates, we will be able experience what we can't experience what we have during classroom debates. I therefore believe that the motion must fall.

2 points

I don't agree to it as I believe that living in Singapore, we will need neighbours unless we are staying in the jungles. The houses ranging from HDB - Semi-detached or even Bungalow will still need a neighbour as they can help us take care of our property when we are out and we can celebrate each other's festivals when the time comes. It brings our the happiness in life and makes life brighter instead of dull. Neighbours can also be a form of consultation if you really trust them and could sometimes be the play-mate or talking partner of the old ones in our houses.

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