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RSS YouDontKnow

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1 point

Gotta get that Xbox Smartglass, plus kinect's voice control capabilities

1 point

Yeah!!!!!!1 Eat a dick Joe! _

1 point


1 point

Smoke those Marlboro Reds allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day

1 point

So long as anyone democratic or progressive (rather than conservative) is in office they will. Republicans very much run the 'Washington consensus' which is why we saw Bush narrowly win in 2000 and surprisingly get reelected in '04 amongst seemingly massive support even, and why now the general republican partisanship is gridlocked against any policy Obama or the house democrats put forward. So yes they probably will thanks to citizens united and special interest groups which have essentially a veto over our democracy.

1 point

Saying nigger is much better than saying 'the N word' because when you say the N word the other personal obviously knows you mean to say nigger and it has the exact same effect. Own up to the words you're saying, it should not be unacceptable for anyone to say nigger so long as it isn't directed at anyone in a hurtful manner. It was and to a certain extent still is part of our culture and modern lexicon. I even sometimes blurt out nigger or faggot when I stub my toe or fall, not to target either the blacks or the gays, but because those are the two most profane words I know and come closest to fully expressing my frustration in that moment.

1 point

You're totally right! We should adopt an optional system of taxation, so that you can chose what taxes and services you pay/receive, that way you can keep your hard earned money out of the government's clutches and drive yourself to the hospital and put out your own fires!

1 point

In some cases, overtaxation can be akin to robbery if none of the fiscal spending is benefiting the general populace. In the US however, we enjoy relatively mild tax rates compared to our European counterparts, but considering the US is one of the greatest countries to live in in terms of civil and political rights as well as a shrinking–but still sizable–middle class, I think it's fair we are taxed a enough to maintain the general stability and infrastructure of this great nation.

1 point

Seriously? First off, humans did not evolve from apes, they share a common ancestor. A simple Google search would have sufficed, this is plain just lazy. Since there are already numerous articles answering this cheap 'blow' to the theory of evolution, I will just post the answer:

"Humans did not evolve from present-day apes. Rather, humans and apes share a common ancestor that gave rise to both. This common ancestor, although not identical to modern apes, was almost certainly more apelike than humanlike in appearance and behavior. At some point -- scientists estimate that between 5 and 8 million years ago -- this species diverged into two distinct lineages, one of which were the hominids, or humanlike species, and the other ultimately evolved into the African great ape species living today."

1 point

Joke? That comment didn't even register on my plane of existence.

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Marital Status: Single
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Country: United States
Religion: Atheist
Education: High School

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