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RSS YoungPup

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1 point

I'd accuse her of toxic femininity, then ask her why she hates men, then turn to the men in the audience and say look, she hates half the country. She must be a bigot who wants all of you menvto fail in life. Use their own childish tactics against them.

1 point

Black people can do nothing if qualified officers who have sworn to uphold the law

The left claims they do neither and are racists targeting minorities and killing them in cold blood.

decide to start murdering people in cold blood, no

They can if they shoot back and have the police outnumbered or are a good shot. You are very unintelligent burrito.

1 point

So all the people who haven't just watched their unarmed friend killed by the police have no reason to be armed?

Everyone has the right to be armed. You're not very smart, are you?

1 point

Listen to this instead. It's much easier on the ears:-

It was an endless loop of a Satanic sounding voice saying, " Burritolunch, own a black person, you know you want to."

Why would anyone want to listen to that?

-1 points

Get off this site you evil piece of shit

Your proposition insures that black people can do nothing as a witness to brutality or murder happening right in front of them. Your hatred for minorities runs very deep.

1 point

So you want black people to shoot police

If they just watched them kill their unarmed friend or neighbor, yes. You don't?

1 point

If you do not plan to threaten the police with a gun then can you explain why you have opened a "debate" informing people they are "idiots" for being unarmed when they talk to the police?

I plan on shooting police that I saw just shoot an unarmed black man. Good thing I was armed.

0 points

So, let me get this straight a moment. You think it is "common sense" to shoot police because they might plant a gun on you?

It's common sense to shoot a cop that you just saw shoot an unarmed man.

Are you retarded Bronto?


-1 points

When you arm yourself you give police exactly the excuse they need to use excessive force to contain you.

I'll state what is obvious to us common sense types. Police can plant a gun on you as the excuse they need.

Your implication that the best way to deal with police is to shoot them or threaten them with a gun

No one mentioned threatening the police with a gun. The gun is for you to protect yourself from police who threaten your life with a gun.

qualifies you as the type of idiot which is seen probably only once every thirty or forty years on this planet.

I get it now. If the police pin a black man down, beat him half to death, plant a gun on him, and shoot him dead, your logic is to take it like an unarmed man should and shut the fuck up. You're a damned genius. You'd make a perfect Nazi.

0 points

This is how far the left is willing to go. They are sick and twisted minds.

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