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RSS YoungRippa

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2 points

Just you and your flapping gums

Which of the 3 things mentioned didn't happen?

2 points

Biden is a child inside of an adult body who sniffs little girls. Pee Wee Herman would be better than this clueless white supremacist who puts kids in cages at the border.

1 point

BLACK BLM members, White supremacists. Both groups of the Democratic Party are evil and have the same evil minds. One worships the white liberal, and the other accepts the worship of those black people.

1 point

I have found a red pilled brother here.

They were Socialists.

1 point

But, of course, the FBI was LISTENING and KNEW he was lying...

In this instance, Flynn knew they'd recorded his conversation with Kislyac, so your narrative doesn't make sense. december-2016-phone-call-2020-5?amp

Flynn KNEW he was caught so he plead guilty..

His statement concerning them saying he lied about sanctions was that they never asked him about sanctions. Later the DOJ declassified the FBI's own transcript, which showed they never did ask Flynn about sanctions.

Thems the facts.. Lie about them if you will..

Those aren't the facts. It looked like you aren't even aware of what is going on with the case.

The question you should be asking is why were the Democrats blocking the release of that transcript all of this time?

Spy chief says he has begun declassification process for Flynn-Kislyak calls

The move caps a week of pressure from Democrats to release the transcripts.

1 point

I'll agree with THAT! So will Joe Biden and the rest of the sane Democrats!

I'd like to see the list of these people because I don't know who they are.

And, yes, with the number of guns in the hands of "thems that shouldn't have'm", it WOULD BE BAD! Very bad! :-)

Explain to me who "who shouldn't have them" means.

1 point

Well, Biden will take care of that. He's already said he has no intention of anything like that.

Minneapolis has already abandoned its police department. Biden would have no authority of this kind over the states. police-department/

1 point

Then why did he plead GUILTY, twice?? I know, I know... The FBI threatened to put his son in jail in order to MAKE him plead guilty??

You answered your own question bro.

So, a general is gonna FOLD like cheap suit when threatened???? I'm sorry.. I don't like Flynn, but I don't think he's a pussy..

You don't have to be a pussy to be smart enough to know when to hold rank in order to live to fightanother day.

He WILL be sentenced, and Trump WILL pardon him.

The DOJ dropped the case against him, and the D.C. Circuit is going after Sullivan. Where you been dawg?

1 point

Both parties have been economically fistfucking us for 40 years, and the only bone they're willing to throw to their constituents is to pay lip service to social issues. And most people realize that.

True, but I want them out of my life, so do nothing Republicans are better for me than totalitarian Communists who attack anyone that moves that they view as not on bended knee.

I'd bet everything I've ever earned in my life that 75 percent of people who vote, do so because they don't want to vote for a Democrat or Republican, they want to vote against one of the two.

Might be true, but you pulled your numbers out of thin air.

And if those 75%, along with those disgusted enough by the system to stay home, were to actually vote against both parties? They'd be an unstoppable force.

True, but you don't have the numbers aligned as a unit to be bold enough to risk "waisting their vote" when they fear the left's psychopathic nature, nor do you have enough known stay at homers as a unified force to do anything with.

Every politician in Washington would be out of a job next year. Full recycle.

The only politicians I have ever seen propose term limits were Republicans.

And with as disgusted as the country is right now with the government, it could happen.

Anything CAN happen. Until people know millions upon millions will vote Independent with them, they won't do it in nearly enough numbers.

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