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RSS Yuval

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1 point

"Israel didn't give any of the citizens of Gaza time to gtfo"- How can you say that?! Israel send papers coming out of the airplain to people in Gaza saying to get out of there cause they will most likely get hurt. But nobody went out of Gaza meaning they could have but didnt.

1 point

Why do you hate Israel so much?! Listen i am not saying that it is all Palastinians fault. But it is a big part of their problem. They started it, because of their master the Hamas everything happened. "Oh so if they have trouble finding the actual culprits it is okay to bomb schools? Are you out of your mind?"

Well, they send booms and rockets into Israel for years trying to send them over to teh super-markert, malls, hospitals, schools and places like that so a lot of people could get hurt. Do you really think they will send so many booms into Israel just to send them and scare people. NO! They are here to hurt people! To actually do something, and that is exsactly what Israel was trying to do. TO DO SOMETHING! But unlike Gaza not to hurt people!!!!! Don't hate!

For real... Damn... Think before you say stuff.. God..

1 point

Dont worry you didnt offend me. Yeah i know. I understand what your saying. I would LOVE for the Israeli people and the Palestinians to FINALLY get along! Because believe me i hate those wars! I get effected by them all the time. I wish i could do something about it and make both Israeli prople and Palestinians SHARE the land... But i cant i guess. Though i wish i could!

2 points

I agree. Any country who has, send bomes upon another country would have to sometimes face that country in a war. Israel wants its people to live in peach and quite and just want some time out from all those wars. Thanks for understanding.

1 point

Umm not actaully in 14. And how did you prove me wrong??? Can you not even understand what you wrote?! HAHHAHA and how did i call you a child again?

1 point

Umm no. But Gaza sent Israel rockets for the past 9 years now. Life hasnt been so great that way. So Israel did something about it trying not to open a war but Gaza didnt listen to a word Israel said about peace in a good way instead of a war so Israel HAD to start a war to protect its people. And you know what, is. Maybe USA would start a war between Canda and USA, because its self-defence USA will protect its country its just that Israel letted bomes fall on its country for 9 years and didnt do anything about it. Will USA also wait 9 years or will they start a war shortly after bomes have folllen? I dont know. Lets just hope that war doesnt actually happen. Israel helped the victims because Israel understand and knows that its not thier fault that their king\master is so stupid and does even care about them and go and hides between them so he wont get hurt but they will. Israel had to kill civilians because they coudnt find the Hamass, which was hidden between its people his cilivians it is his fault that hes country's people got hurted by this war. Funny that people didnt care as much when civilians of Israel died and got hurt by bomes for the past 9 years.

1 point

I see... So now your questening the bible. Most likely you wont go to heven haha! Of course you yourself have got no knowledge about this since you cannot even understand what i wrote which is smart talking. First of all "It was written the in bible and then we got it and now Arabs\some Muslims are trying to freaking to take it away from us". Suck it up beacuse it was written in the bible. Just like what ever you believe in might seem shitty crap to me but i will not question it or make fun of your believe's. The bible is holly. You must believe in it. And no of-course you cannot just take a book and write where the land should be and who it belongs to. Some one else might be able. You wont. Someone that maybe... I dont know... Believe's in the bible! And someone smart who knows what he\she is talking about. Another reason why you cant write it. Hahahha! Anyway, i like that bible and Israel and its people does deserve it first it was given to them, secodnly its a Jewish country and third lets face it if it was written in the Jewish\Musilim\Christian bible that it belongs to us... It really does belong to us. And yes... Musilim and Arabs are trying to take Israel's land. Beause deal with it, we all want it but its only ours and they shouldnt get to take away what they want and does not belong to them. I did take a good hard look at the map, and guess what i saw... Exsactly what i said! Gaza is not even a country! It isnt! Its a freaking city that isnt even called a country since its in Israel they should really thank us that we dont take that land away from them cause' that belongs to us to! "NO ONE NO ON WILL EVER TAKE AWAY!" "IF SOMEONE TRIED TO TAKE IT AWAY WILL WILL FIGHIT THE SHIT OUT OF THAT COUNTRY UNTIL THEY WILL LET US GO!" Your right maybe i shoudnt have put it that way its just that people annoyed me. We will fight them though. Fight them untile they just give up and give us what belongs us. Our land. Our country. Our coultur! We didnt take any Palestinian land, they took ours and they want to take more but we wont let them because it does not belong to them and it belongs to us.

4 points

israel is still sending food water and gas and more good things like that to the Hamaasss after all what does that say about Israel?!?!

4 points

Your right. It is not Israel's fault. It is the Hammasss they started it. What is sad is that the Hamass is making people from his country die because the Hamass doesnt even care about his own people and just is comsentreting on killing Jews.

2 points


Winning Position: Israel is awesome!

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