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RSS YvonneBrown

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1 point

Nahh.. It matters who kicks who's ass.

That statement won't leave you any out on judgement day. Whatever God decides, He'll just show you this comment and commence to doing whatever He decides to do with you with a straight face and a clean conscience.

2 points

That should make it way easier for us to win the civil war. I support the liberals giving up their weapins while we don't.

1 point

So you give up your guns, and I'll keep mine. We'll see who lives.

1 point

Here is Excon responding to science by ignoring it because he thinks he's free to smoke marijuana even if the government says no and the science says it's bad for you. findmarijuanaconsumptioncanminimizeriskofstrokeWhodathunkit3

1 point

More links of Excon defending a habit that causes second hand smoke, lung damage and lung cancer because he thinks he's free to do so and that the government cannot tell you what you can or cannot put into your body thelegalizationofMarijuanain19statesworkedout

1 point

Trump lost 63 consecutive cases

Your own link says almost all of these cases were filed by someone other than Donald Trump. You didn't read your own source? You look really stupid right now.

-4 points
1 point

When science starts to become a matter of public opinion, as it has in America, that's a road to problems.

The left is denying science as we speak concerning the mortality rate of children.

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Winning Position: So bad a lib can see it
Winning Position: Yep, he's this dumb
Winning Position: For you, yes

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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