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1 point

Best way to get to sleep is to not sleep. Trying to get to sleep usualy keeps you up.

0 points

The reason your argument is flawed i beliebe is because you are putting the constraint of time on God. God made time for humans so they could have a will to decide what they wanted to do with their life. God can still know exactly everything that is going to happen with out us deciding it or us not being able to freely make that choice.

It is like watching a movie if the character in it were real. Just because we can know everything in the movie before it happens does not mean the characters are not making real dicisions that effect the out come of the movie.

God can be all powerful, there can be predestination, and man can have a freewill all at once. Part of being all powerful means God is all understanding.

If an atheist truly believes that his way of life is the right way, and that he is truly helping people in the world and contributing, God will not send this person to hell. Where on the other hand if he knows a God exists, but chooses not to believe in him because it is easier not to, or he thinks he hates this God for some prideful arrogant reason that persons chances of getting into heaven or a little bit lower. This does not however mean they cant' get into heaven. God is all powerfull and all knowing and all understanding.

0 points

You might as well tell them why. They won't be able to have a good argument or contribute anything if you just down vote someone because you don't like or disagree with what they are saying.

1 point

If you were to believe in God and the bible you would know that God is here and still is, but if the world is dying it doesn't matter, because the afterlife is what is important.

Your statement doesn't add anything to the argument anyhow

-1 points

I think you are missing his point. Something perfect does not need a creator. Medicine isn't perfect Man made medicine. Man Isn't perfect God made Man. God is perfect and always was.

1 point

I see, I understand. The problem is that praying to God isn't the illusion. Believing that praying to God and a milk carton are the same thing is an illusion. The milk carton argument works because we cannot see the forces at work and i would suppose this is just another factor that helps prove your case, but whether we can see something or not should never be a factor and deciding whether somthing exists.

I don't believe that God and a milk carten have the same rate of success. How often has someone prayed to a milk carton and a miracle happened? This is of course if you allow for room for miracles, but even if you don't.

A lot of prayers have been answered and acredit to pray to God, that haven't had any miraculous or incredible factor to it.

There has never been any incident of prayers being answered by milk cartons.

The milk carton has a significantly loser sucess rate than God. By the way the argument is stated people assume that God and the milk carton have the same success rate, but this has never been proven nor tested. Almost no one if anyone at all has ever prayed to a milk carton and had sucess. Even if they had God's sucess rate is still high and stronger with a better track record, than the milk carton.

Unless two people were to pray for two identical things, both praying to either the milk carton or God, over a period of time, I don't think this argument can be valid.

1 point

Satan does not have to be our brother in anyway because satan was and is no longer excepted into God's inheritence. He is considered dead to God if you will.

1 point

Actualy Scripture hardly states anything of what you said. Angels are not greater than man. They are below us. They have no freewill and therefore are little better than animals. God of course can give them the power to kill us if he likes, but that is God being greater than us, not angels.

0 points

No one is predestined to go anywhere but heaven, whether we follow this destiny depends on us. Maybe you should do some researchs because anyone who followed Jesus after he was crucified was no longer considered part of the Jewish community. The followeres of Jesus were outcasts and perscuted by leading Jewish figures. A lot of them weren't even Jews, but uncircumcised gentiles.

Whether Catholicism had a name or not untill 107 AD has hardly anything at all to do with the fact that Jesus founded it.

The word catholicism originates from from the Greek word Katholikos, which was later Latinized

into Catholicus.

The meaning of the word is 'Universal', which in itself means, 'of or relating to, or affecting

the entire world and all peoples therein'. It means, all encompassing,

comprehensibly broad, general, and containing all that is necessary.

Catholic means all people in all places, having all that is

necessary, and for all time.

It is also biblical (and we all know the new testament in the bible is considered a compliation of all of Jesus teachings.) It is in Matthew 28:19-20, "Go, therefore and make disciples

of all nations...teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you;

And behold, I am with you all days, even unto the consummation of

the world."

That is a statement of Universality, Katholicos, Catholicus, Catholic.

And before you argue that he did not say the exact word catholic keep this in mind: Language is a tool to convey meaning and understanding. Jesus didn't have to say the exact word "catholic" to say catholic. .

Jesus founded christianity which was later given the name Catholicism. No where from Jesus' life time to 107 AD when it was a more organized church with a name did it change. Nor were there any other denominations that broke off from the catholic church untill around the 16th century.

2 points

Actualy all of the examples you have stated are from the old testament. The old testament is meant to be read in light of the new testament and with the peop[le who wrote it background and knowledge in mind. Jesus clearly teaches against all of those things.

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Biographical Information
Name: Zander Camp
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Religion: Catholic
Education: High School

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