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RSS Zarina

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No it doesn't prepare us for adult life, Your life in school prepared you in just the wrong way for your life at work. In early school, your classes are chosen for you, the class material is outlined by the government (of all things). In later schools, you have some say in which classes you take, and what sports or arts you’re involved in.

Then in college, a world a freedom! Of choice! You can pick all of your classes, pick your major, even invent a major! Study abroad, switch from economics to veterinary science just by filling out a form, play sports, start clubs, join a fraternity, take summer and winter classes. You’re in charge of everything!

Then you get a job, and suddenly, all of that freedom is gone. At work, you do what you are told to do, on someone else’s schedule, to someone else’s standards, regardless of whether you think it’s the right thing in the right way. You have just fallen from the pinnacle of being in control to the depths of being controlled.

1 point

growing body of research suggests that, far from being innate, genius is something one can learn, primarily through sheer hard work and determinationOf course, a strong correlation exists between IQ and achievement. Nevertheless, research suggests that the proportion of people with IQs in the top 1% of the population that actually achieve greatness in any given field is surprisingly low.

A study of adult graduates from New York City’s Hunter College elementary school – which only admits people with IQs above 130 (ruling out almost 99% of the population) – backs this up.

Although the graduates were successful in their lives, Rena Subotnik, a research psychologist at the American Psychologist Association, noted that “there were no superstars, no Pulitzer Prize or MacArthur Award winners, and only one or two familiar names”.

1 point

Women who smoke are more likely than nonsmokers to develop pregnancy complications, according to the CDC. The risk of placenta previa, a condition where the placenta grows too close to the uterus opening, is about twice as high as in nonsmokers. The risk of placental abruption, a dangerous condition in which the placenta separates prematurely from the wall of the uterus, is 1.4 to 2.4 times that of nonsmokers. The risk of premature rupture of the membranes before labor begins is also higher for smokers.

1 point

According to the American Cancer Society, 10 to 16 percent of women smoke throughout their pregnancies, putting themselves and their babies at risk for a number of health issues. In fact, up to 5 percent of infant deaths would be prevented if pregnant women did not smoke.

Smoking affects every phase of reproduction, including fertility, pregnancy complications, premature birth, low-birth-weight infants, stillbirth and infant death, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

1 point

At the same time I believe that it shouldn't be banned. Because while many couples feel that two children is more than they can successfully manage, others don't seem to be able to have enough children. They love each child, the interactions between their children, fun of having their children's friends visit - and deep inside they want more and more. . Adoption is not without its challenges. Each child brings his or her own baggage to the family, whether an infant or a teen. Heredity has its role, and then there are the environmental influences that can impact even a newborn.

For example, a baby may be born addicted to drugs, or with difficulties due to poor maternal nutrition. Its first few months may have been highly stressful. Older children have a whole personal history that they will carry with them, and it can't have been all good or they would still be happily playing with blocks in their birth-family's loving home.

None of these issues is completely daunting to those few families who just don't seem to be able to have enough children! They are eager to give homes to children of whatever variety. It seems these homes have a lot of excess love they don't know what to do with, and only another child will help them solve their problem!

2 points

I feel that these international adoptions, as a general policy, are inherently unfair to the children who will be removed from their culture and their people. It is tinged with institutionalized racism - people of means - and usually white - feel they come from a superior culture and that they can give a child more than persons of less means - and usually persons of color - from within the child's culture. In some cases, I have read adoptions even go ahead without regard to members of the extended family who want to provide, but are seen as inferior to the "importers."

Children are human beings, not things or commodities. If people can afford to go to another country to adopt, surely they can afford to adopt a needy child in their own nation, or contribute, instead, to the ability of persons within that country to raise their own children, so that they do not feel so desperately in poverty, they are ready to give their own child away, and to someone in another country. Governments and agencies should work to try to keep children in their own homes and lands. I can't believe that we have developed a system that makes it easier to adopt a child from abroad. The evil people who used to 'export' UK children across the world from orphanages or from wherever they could steal them, now busy themselves developing yet more rules in an attempt to justify their existence. In some areas a white couple cannot adopt a non-white UK child but they can adopt any child from abroad.

Why is it that in some parts of the system the most useless, nasty and incompetant percolate to the top?

4 points

I don't see anything bad about taking education abroad, quite reverce I behave to it very postively. If you have any chance and can afford yourself to study abroad you must use that chance. Why study abroad? You make be thinking “I’m just trying to finish college, money is tight, and study abroad is a luxury. Besides, I don’t want to miss anything at my school or leave my family and friends to go study abroad.”

Many former study abroad students have thought the same. Most will now say that study abroad isn’t a luxury, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

Besides being fun and exciting, study abroad is a unique life changing experience that will help you grow academically, personally and prepare you for your career.

Experience another culture. Learn inside and outside the classroom. See historical monuments, works of art in person. Experience academic system of another culture/country (especially with direct enroll).

When you study abroad your education grows exponentially faster than if you stay home. You live and learn in your host culture 24/7. Your experience will translate into tangible benefits later in life.

By studying abroad you will benefit from many unique experiences unavailable at your home university. Such experiences include:

Learning from students from different cultural, ethnic and national backgrounds

Honing cross-cultural communication skills

Mastering a foreign language

Exposure to new ideas and philosophies

A big plus to your resume

Today’s job market for graduating students is extremely competitive. You’re not only competing for jobs with students from your university or your country; you’re competing with students from across the world. A study abroad experience on your resume will distinguish you from your peers. Through your experiences you will develop qualities employers value, such as:

Willingness and readiness to adapt to new environments

Ability to look at a project or situation from different perspectives

Understanding of diverse cultures

Self-confidence and an ability to take risks

2 points

They find other ways to dosciminate, tease and alienate others no matter what they are wearing! They will laugh and tease it the kids uniforms are not clean, if their tie is crooked, if their backpack isn't cool. it is just the nature of kids. Uniforms do not change that fact! Uniform can't change people, if pupil don't want to study, uniform can't change him. It depends on persenality.

2 points

School uniforms are not the way to solve problems that we have in education.According to the research, which was done by Shane Shamburger " there is no inlfluence to the academic achievment from school uniform", school uniform just only the clothes and the style of the school, but not more. it is all about control. Telling people what to wear, how to act etc. This does not make kids equal. Kids will always find something to pick on other kids for. What it does do is hinder self expression and creativity which are important elelments in the real world which is what school is supposed to prepare kids for.

2 points

School Uniforms cost money too and according to a study by the Educational Research Information Center (E.R.I.C.) there is no real measurable benefit to requiring School Uniforms on either academic achievement, or behavior problems. And often uniform do not justifies it's cost also it is not qualitative.

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