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More death saves lives. If you let the murderer live you will allow the cycle of murder and revenge to continue. Without "an eye for an eye" the world would be blinder still. Without severe consequences people will not hesitate to do evil. What does a homeless man have to lose from going to jail? What's wrong with free shelter, free food, free entertainment? You can't reward evil with good or else you'll encourage the wicked to keep on acting wickedly. Make an example of every criminal and you'll do much more good.

Life in prison IS a death sentence, just a very slow one. What good does it do? Prisons don't provide justice. I'm against the jail system in general and in favour of physical punishments. Our society needs this right now with our current crime-pandemic. Prisons only make petty thieves worse. We all know this.

If you're worried about innocent people being sentenced to death by mistake, pass a law that says a person must be given 5 years of jailtime BEFORE he is executed. Those 5 years will be enough time to still prove his innocence. After that much time has passed we must conclude that evidence for his innocence simply doesn't exist. He will then be executed in a manner that suits the severity of the crime. I would vote for death by shooting as a modern version of stoning. No death sentence should relate to strangulation. Justice is always bittersweet.

Science and religion have coexisted since the dawn of man. At times the two were inseparable. Today science has sadly become a religion of its own right and no longer uses the scientific method very much. Whoever pays for the study gets to dictate the results of the study. You'd be surprised how many scientist openly admit to having faked or manipulated research data to better fit the agenda of their employer. Peer reviews and the institutions associated with them have become the truth police and act as the Vatican of scientism. This kind of science cannot coexist with religion because it is in fact a religion itself, and one that tolerates no competitors.

Love? Homosexuals love each other? The stats say only 4.5% of homosexuals stay faithful to their partner. 28% of homosexuals say they've had more than 1000 partners throughout their lives. 1000! 78% of homosexuals admit that half their partners were total strangers. There is no love in them only lust. They burn with a desire that cannot be satisfied because it isn't natural. They suffer from a mental disorder caused most often by sexual trauma during early childhood. Every homosexual I know has factually been sexually abused or shows signs of sexual abuse. They're victims in need of help and healing but you're telling them they were born this way. You're hindering them from seeking the help they need and you encourage them to keep on living a self-destructive life style. If you loved them you'd tell them the truth. Nothing good ever comes from supressing the truth.

Society is a collection of many families. So if large numbers of individual families are effected by something the rest of society will eventually be effected too. This is the basic idea behind family values. For example, Jewish families bring forth Jewish children with Jewish values. We all try to spread our way of thinking so values always spread. Could you live in a world where everyone has, for example, Jewish values? I could, but that's not the argument. Can we just look at the typical values found in homosexuals please. We can't judge people for how they were born but we can and should judge them for their actions and life choices. Studies show the following:

28% of homosexual men have had more than 1000 partners. Let that sink in. I would consider 5 (sex)partners a large amount. 1000? That's a sex addict.

79% of homosexual men say over half of their sex partners are strangers.

Among homosexual males in their current relationship, 4.5% reported sexual fidelity. That means 95.5% cheat on their spouse or sleep around with consent.

If I had a son I wouldn't let him anywhere near such a person. Would you? If you had a daughter would you let her near, for the sake of argument, a heterosexual sex-addict? Would you leave her alone with him? How about leaving her alone with two heterosexual sex-addicts? I'm concerned about the children already but let's keep the facts flowing. Would you let your daughter alone with a heterosexual rapist or serial killer?

69% of the serial killers in one study turned out to be homosexuals

In the same study 43% of the people who had raped and murdered children were homosexuals. Are you sure you want homosexuality to be celebrated? If this correlation had existed between rape/murder and videogames people would want to ban them!

Keep in mind that homosexuals form between 1-2% of the American population. So they're an absolute minority yet they're responsible for nearly the majority of child rape/murder. Wake up! Open your eyes to this reality. I have a homosexual cousin, who I love more than life itself, but he too shows major symptoms of paedophilia.

Homosexuals are 200% more likely to be alcoholics. They also carry on their drinking habits in their old age. Speaking of which, homosexuals have a 20 year shorter than average life expectancy.

Homosexuals are 1200% more likely to use meth and 1000% more likely to use heroine. They truly have some of the lowest morals of all people. I don't say that to insult them, I say it because its factually true and because statistics also prove it. I have all the sympathy in the world for drug addicts, but drugs and children don't mix. I've personally seen what happens when you try.

There are many more disturbing statistics I could show, but if these stats didn't convince you yet, nothing else will either. Either you just had a change of heart, or you've already made up your mind and rejected the facts in favour of fantasies. I genuinely feel bad for such people in the same way I sympathise with the blind. If you love someone you will tell them the truth. That's why I wrote this argument, because I genuinely love and care for those who suffer from homosexuality and its consequences. I didn't even mention the STD and disease rates. They're sad and depressing. Needless to say, if half of society become homosexual it would destroy the world as we know it. May God have mercy on our homosexual friends and relatives. May He have mercy on us all.

Things for pro-abortionists to consider:

1. The art of love takes two. You can't kill a man's son or daughter (which a fetes by definition is) without even asking his stance on things. If you keep it legal it should take two votes not one.

2. Adoption is also an option. Abortions also aren't cheap so you're not really financially gaining anything with them. Adoption is free and humane.

3. The right to live equals the right to be born. The child's body is being destroyed, not the woman's body. It's an issue of children's rights not women's rights. The act of taking a human life (and a fetes is factually human) is by definition murder. Do we really have the right to play God?

Let's just ask ourselves first what good do abortions actually do? Is convenience their only perk? You hear pro-abortionists bring up the most outrageous and exaggerated hypothetical scenarios to justify abortion. That already sheds light on their detachment from reality. If you're going to argue all abortions should be legal than centre your arguments around regular abortions and share regular stories to build your case. Even if we would agree that incest babies should be aborted that would not also justify a healthy 20 year old woman aborting her healthy 5 month old baby in order to save her "career". There's a leap of logic there. Every type of case needs its own argument. Once we're passed rape, incest, underage girls, people with down-syndrome etc we really art to also talk about Lizzy who wants to have an abortion to save her "perfect figure". I'm open for debates.

Guns have always been legal but murder rates have only gotten this high very recently. And that's not just because of population growth. Clearly murder rates are going up for some other non-gun-related reason. I'd say it relates to mental health and lack of parenting and social interaction.

I don't know much about Excon, but that woman is right! What kind of smug, self obsessed, diluted, narcistic, materialist dumb-dumb would want to live in the domain of the Schwarzenegger? I'd rather move to Ukraine were the president is literally a stand up comedian... that also played the president of Ukraine in a movie years before he actually became the president of Ukraine... I'm not making that one up.

Before you make up your mind on this, dear reader, look up "Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue". Look at this painting whilst you ask yourself how in heavens name this painting was sold for millions and millions of precious dollars...

I think you want to rethink that. 73 million babies die every year to abortion. How many babies is this saving again?

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