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RSS Zekii93

Reward Points:6
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1 point

I believe you should be. Thats like taking a gun, shooting someone and then claiming you didn't killet them, but the bullet did. You did not necessarily touch them, however it was your actions that caused a chain effect. Hitler was the biggest inspirator of Nazi ideology, an ideology that suppressed and killed 6 million Jews, and Gays and many more. Regardless if he hadn't touched them, he was still held accountable.

1 point

Define better, and better in what sense? This way I can properly formulate my argument.

1 point

You're arguments are invalid because the terrorist attacks are immaterial to Ramadan, or even Islam at all.

0 points

In order to make my argument we would need to properly define "superior", this way I can state my arguments.

0 points

Abortion regardless of the timing, is murder.

The "what if a women was raped" has become a banality for you pro-choicers, and it does not justify killing the baby. If a woman claims to be suffering mentally, she can put the child up for abortion or hand it over to the government.

If a woman willingly had sex, and did not choose to wear a ring, it is her mistake, there is no justification for aborting an unborn child.

1 point

Depends on what you define as "responsible". If a German citizen's life was at stake (under threat from Hitler's government) and he was forced to vote, then no he should not be held responsible.

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