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RSS Zhasulan

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2 points

It is my view that girls shouldn't do first steps in order to have a relationships. why? There are some argument I'd like to notice.

Firstly, boys are stronger sex as it used to consider, first steps should be made by them.

Secondly, if speak about my nation, it is not welcome in kazakh society.

Thirdly, it is just not their cup of tea.

One more, I'd like to ask the author of this debate, what is the couse of creating this debate?

You may not answer if you wish)))

1 point

I would like to ask people who agree that Dota develops people.

Do you know some people who have become successful by this way?

maybe there are some people have become richer but please, do not forget about a large number of people who play Dota, try to count up the percentage.

I believe that you will understand everything, but not sure that you will stop playing, cuz I know how it difficult.

1 point

It is my view that playing DOTA is a big up to date's problem. As a DOTA player in past (1.5 year ago I stopped it) would like to talk about some real problems which are brought by playing it.

Firstly, it is an addiction which brought me a lot of problems in study. I played it every day, no matter day or night. After good night of DOTA I was like "zombie" at college because I did not sleep enought. I fotgot about home tasks and tooe my "D".

Secondly, it brought me problems at home. My parents abused me every day that I waste time. You cannot play it only onec a day, you want to play more and more day by day.

Thirdly, Playing DOTA allways made me nervous and I felt stress If did not win. Also, sitting in front of a computer for a long time is harmful.

Finally I think that it will be advisable for people not play DOTA. Wasting time, health, money and also good relationships with family and education, what is more important that thinking about "heroes which have to be killed"

1 point

I keep the point that, it's better to be in a relationships with somebody. why?

Firstly, because it's pleasant to have a girlfrind.

Secondly, every people sometime fell alone, having relationships can help with it.

To be honest, I don't want to go into details about this because it is private side of us. I just want to know how many people for and against) This theme will allways be actual especially for me)

2 points

children should close their eyes when they see cruel scenes)

If do this, children will watch films with closed eyes)

Because of too much cruel

1 point

I take the view that if children in process of pregnancy, parents know about it, category of disease is high and the gestation is appropriate, they should better do abortion.

My view based on this way, because I have imagined myself suffering whole life from some kind of desease. As I've seen before on TV, some children say that if they were killed, they would be grateful to their parents.

I'd like to ask you not to strictly judge my point. In many cases I agree with your opinions.

1 point

I absolutely agree with your point about it. Maybe you are a good example of games player, but don't you think that there are still more and more teenagers who are facing with this problem. I know some boys, who take the view that they will not survive if they do not play the games they are addicted to. They waste their times on it, also destroy their psychologies from early ages. It is known that youngsters' psychologies are weak. There are the other list of problems of health.

Maybe you are right that this issue hasn't been proved officially, but look around, how many people waste time on it? Why do you think computer games which have too much violence is the best way to relax your free time?

1 point

I consider it as a problem of the goverment firstly.

Because after USSR, the goverment had to make reforms in favor of kazakh language developing. It is not too late to solve this problem, we just need people who really interested in it.

Secondly, it is the problem of individuals. If someone don't want to know his/her native language and don't worry about nation, I'm sorry.

Thirdly I can consider it as a problem of every family, parent, relatives, etc. This problem has to be solved at birth of child. The first environment of children is the family. If family speaks russian, it comes without saying that the children will speak russian too.

1 point

It is said that this question is eternal and doesn't have end. It is my view that men can't survive without women and vice versa. It's impossible to imagine our lives without women or women to live without us. I absolutely agree that women can do artificial insemination but even so, life will never be normal. I'd like to encourage people not to think a lot about this, because somewhere men are better and vice versa.

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Winning Position: to be in a relationships
Winning Position: Not a real addiction

About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Zhassulan Mambaev
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: Kazakhstan
Religion: Muslim
Education: In College

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