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RSS Zuul

Reward Points:69
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2 points

Democrats try to be fascist while claiming to be liberal. Simple logic on this is that if you support Islam, which hates Jews , gays, and sees women as secondary citizens, you are pro fascism, which makesyou a fascist. And then you look at Republicans and they actually reject Islam, which is fascist, and choose gay and women's rights over Islamic rights. Who ismore liberal gain? Repubicans are.

1 point

No way. And if someone else attacked a Muslim version of Chick Fil A, they'd be labeled "the epitome of evil".

1 point

Rusticus has no interest in reality or facts. He is controlled by rage. The facts only get in the way.

1 point

Anyone stupid enough to ignore Muslims commands to take us over by migration has a mental disorder.

1 point

Okay. Stop stealing aboriginal land you imperialist liberal wank.

1 point

Nothing is free

Taking a piss is free.*

2 points

There is no troll here. Only Zuul.

2 points

What about Stormy Daniels? Make America horny again Mr. Tump?

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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