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RSS ZuulsGoblin

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1 point

Are you aware that you just quoted the two biggest liars in political history? Please explain to me why you think Adolf Hitler is a reliable source of factual information.

Because the 2 biggest fascists in history talk and believe just like you. You pointing out that they are liars just gives you another thing in common with them.

1 point

Nom caught proving he is Hitlerian

Nom quote:

"Corbyn and his socialist army are coming for you. There is no escape. There is only assimilation or death."

Nom Quote:

"Shut up you extremist Jew prick." Jews oftheworldItscomingAGAINHATEisintheairYoucanFEELitcantyou

1 point

That's what someone who ate their children would say.

0 points

Yes kids. Listen to the man who hates education

Indeed. Getting $100,000 in debt for a job at Wal mart is quite an education.

1 point

Really?? Just who's afraid of an angry MOB of women???

You would be if they were telling you to shove a burka up your ass whiled they flashed their 7 mag and their mace in their purse at you while flipping you the bird for not being man enough to have kept them from having to have the balls because you weren't man enough to protect them yourelf.

2 points

that only people who believe in God help with disaster relief

Show us a link that they do.

0 points

No, it doesn't. Cherry-picking one particular battle off a Wikipedia page says absolutely nothing about any other battles. You're literally stupid.

Look up any ancient battles. Come back with your data. Old Testament armies were even bigger.

1 point

Ku klux klan

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