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RSS _Sierra_

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There are many factors that lead me to believe that the United States would benefit from stricter gun control laws. The first being that when the 2nd amendment was written into the bill of rights in 1791, our fore fathers never imagined our country to have a world dominating military, country wide police force and standard laws like we do. The 2nd amendment was actually created because "The amendment’s primary justification was to prevent the United States from needing a standing army"(Washington Post). Considering the fact that we do have appointed people to protect us in these situations, I would imagine our founding fathers would no longer require citizens to bear arms. Another aspect to consider when we propose more gun control is that in many states in our country, it is very easy to get access to a gun. In this instance, people who are not capable of handling such a serious weapon are then capable of inflicting mass violence and death in a very short amount of time. Proposing stricter gun control laws and practices is not to say that no US citizen can own a gun.The idea is that if you wish to own a gun, you would go through proper tests and learning to be responsible enough and sound minded enough to own one. Many countries who had adopted stricter gun control laws have benefitted greatly such as Japan where they "seldom have more than 10 shooting deaths a year in a population of 127 million people"(Insider). For these reasons, I feel that stricter gun control laws can and MUST be enacted so we can finally see a decline in mass shootings and gun violence across the country.


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