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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

You sound a little conflicted, as any logical person trying to believe this garbage would be. I'm going to look at the bible logically like you said and pose a question: If Jesus died for my sins, why does it matter what I do or think? Logically, either my sins are paid for, or they are not. If Christ really did die for my sins, I'm going to sin. It would be a shame to waste already-paid-for sins right?

The typical christian belief is that if you don't accept Jesus as your saviour, you are not saved, and therefore will go to hell.

I don't believe this - I think it would be rediculous to sacrifice your own son, just so 1/3 of the world can be saved.

I believe Jesus saved EVERYONE, not just the people who will believe, but all sins that were made and were yet to make.

So I believe that you will see me in Heaven, although you don't believe.

I do believe you have a choice though, I don't think God will force people to be with him. I believe you will have the choice of living with him for all eternity, or just delete your existence. I don't believe in any place called Hell.

The bible sais that Jesus defeated Satan on the cross - if that is so, then satan is dead.

1 point

Hahaha .. yeah I'm not a muslim.

I don't know how that got there, sorry about that.

I'm agnostic theist .. I think I mentioned it before.

1 point

I know the feeling very well. Church use to feel like a safe place for me too. Unfortunately, what you are finding comfort in is not god.

I get that you don't believe so, but I do.

I don't have evidence or .. yeah I don't have any proof what so ever that my religion is real - all the evidence I've got are, that I feel and believe.

I know it sounds ridiculous. But I am not hurting people with my faith.

You can say that christians have killed millions through the years, and christians are the ones who cause all wars and stuff.

But those people aren't me .. I haven't killed or started war, I can't take responsibility for people, just because they believe the same as I do.

Carbon dating can scientifically prove, for a fact, that the earth is at least many million years old

Yeah, I also believe it is.

What I think is, that a 'year' in the bible time is supposedly not 365 days. Because they hadn't equipments to find out how long it took the earth to circle the sun - in 1400 they still thought the sun was traveling around the earth.

So I believe, that what the bible says is a year or a week .. a month or even a day or an hour, could be much, much more than what we call a year, month, week or day.

If Christ really did die for my sins, I'm going to sin. It would be a shame to waste already-paid-for sins right?

Yes I do believe that your sins are already paid for. I also believe you can do whatever you want, you will still get into Heaven.

But it's just about how I feel. I mean .. when I steal and lie and do other sins, I feel terrible.

So if you can go around doing these things, with your conscience up top .. then it's okay. But personally for me, I don't wanna do that.

1 point

So, what happened to the second argument a few posts up because I'd like to know too, Birgitsiv. How has god influenced your life?

in so many ways, many ways I can't explain. So many ways that it would take me forever to tell you everything.

It is almost impossible to really tell you, because .. yeah it just is.

But I will try of course.

When I feel down, when I feel sad .. I turn to God and everything just .. brightens up a bit.

I've prayed several times, and I've often tried to get what I prayed for.

When I am in church I feel so safe, I feel God beside me - not just in church of course. Everywhere.

I just feel so safe and happy whenever I read the bible or am in a meeting in church or something.

I see no evidence of 'god' interacting with his creation at all.

I get your point .. but seriously. Try to look logically at the bible, even though there isn't much logic in it .. but do it anyway.

The bible tells us God is all powerful right ? So if he were all powerful, he would also be able to delete all tracks from him creating the world, wouldn't he ?

Or he would be able to simply not leave tracks behind him.

But then you could ask why he would do that, and I don't know the answer to this. I believe he has a reason, whatever it is.

How and why does he do so?

I don't know. I'm not God, I can't answer for him. All I know is, that he does.

Many believers are not 'blessed' though. Why is that so?

When you say blessed, do you mean like .. saved ?

Because that isn't true. The bible says (john 3,16) That if you believe you are saved, no matter what.

But some people are in church every sunday, they pray and they read the bible, they do everything a christian does - but what they don't do is believing. They are not saved. If you don't believe, you're not saved.

But I don't believe that really. I believe everyone is saved, no matter if you believe or not.

Because when Jesus died on the cross, he yelled 'it's done' (or something like that .. my bible isn't english, so I don't know what the english words are)

What was done ? Saving 1/3 of the world ? What kind of celebration is that?

I believe that he saved everyone on that cross.

1 point

I only read the first line, so that is the only one I'm gonna reply to.

Sorry, but I can guess what stands in the other lines - I've heard it all of it before, so don't think you're gonna change any of my views on the bible or God.

Yes, it is certainly likely that the other part is a metaphor. In fact, there is a huge enormous chance, that everything written in the bible is fake. That chance is huge.

But that is just how I chose to live my life. That is how I want to live my life, that is what I believe.

I am not harming anybody with my belief.

Not even homosexuals - because I support gay marriage.

When somebody can show me a real reason why I shouldn't believe, I will without a doubt take it seriously.

But at this point, I am not harming anybody.

You can throw stuff like 'religion is causing war' in my face. But personally I never started a war. Personally I am not the people who are against two people of the same gender getting married.

I can't help what other people who believe the same as I do, do. I can only answer for me, not christianity in general.

1 point

Then I my searching wasn't so good :p.............

I think putting my country as danish is kind of an habbit, because many sites just ignore us xx8

1 point

I have no problem in helping other people.

What I don't like is to be FORCED to help people. Because the government litteraly takes the money without asking me.

Also, I want to help people.

I want to help old people that need chairs and meds and whatever, and I also want to help poor people that don't have a house or food. I have nothing against helping retarded people who need special equipment to make their daily life easier.

What do you mean about I don't understand taxes?

I know exactly how much I pay to the government every month.

What I really don't like, is to help people, who put themselves in the crap they're in.

Most people (I am aware, that old people who're like .. 90 they didn't know the consequenses about cigarrettes and stuff ) most people who smoke, know before they do, that this can harm your body.

So why should I help them? They put themselves in the crap, I don't want to have anything to do with it. They can pay the consequence that they were risking.

And what do you mean I don't understand taxes?

I know exactly what I pay to the government each month.

1 point

Well, this is just another insident of how americans think they're the only people living on earth, and how their politics rule the world.

I hate to break this to you, but I don't live in the states. In my country the taxes are 30% for me, higher for some, lower for some - depends on how much you earn.

If you did look at my profile, which says I am danish (i think), then you're not so bad after all.

I am not danish, my country does not exist in the country list in CD.. so I just had to pick Denmark. Our tax system is not the same as in Denmark.

1 point

Because to eliminate tax as we know it, is something that is NEVER going to happen. There are to many people who disagree with me.

Therefor, I just have to try and illegalize drugs, since the other thing is impossible.

1 point

Because I believe that the bible speaks in metaphors........

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