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RSS Aaleeyah101

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1 point

The Iran deal is not bad, it lowers the amount uranium that Iran can enrich and use for nuclear weapons. Also its good we lifted the sanctions because Iran should be able to keep the money they are making from the resources from there country.

2 points

The centrifuges go through strict inspections and even though Iran has stated they have secret nuclear facilitties, is there any actual proof that they exist.

1 point

All the money would not go to funding terror groups, but to infrastructure. Iran is not all aobut terror groups and they hate it when we refer to them as a terror country.

1 point

Exactly we don't know if they will go back to making nuclear weapons thats why its important for us to keep their uranium that they have at a low rate, so we need to keep the deal going so when it us up, Iran will have nothing to enrich or use. l

1 point

Even if Iran is able to go back to making nuclear weapons from the uranium, it is betters for it to be stopped for 15 years than not stopped at all. Saudi Arabia supports alot terrorist groups and we are "friends" with them, so saying they support terrorist groups is not a good argument.

2 points

I am for the Iran Deal. The Iran Deal is a smart way to level out tensions with Iran as well as slowly stop their nuclear weapons program.Through the deal, the number of centrifuges Iran will be able to use will decrease from 20,000 to 5,000. Decreasing their number of centrifuges will dampen Iran's ability to research uranium. Even though there are small amounts of uranium still remaining in Iran, it is not enriched enough to use for nuclear weapons and there are strict inspections put on the uranium containments to make sure the iranians are are holding up their part of the deal. The Iran Deal is a good plan to keep the U.S. out of war and Iran away from the bombs.

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