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1 point

But it isn't educational, so you should have voted no, and stated that if it changed you would vote yes.

1 point

When we came to America, we didn't join a nation, we made our own. The Native Americans didn't have a say because we didn't really include them.

1 point

--------------------------------------------------------------------Africa is pretty much an epic fail.----------------------------------------------------------------------

1 point

I agree that girls shouldn't wrestle, but it wouldn't be right to say that they can't. It's like wearing a ridiculous costume to school everyday, I wouldn't do it or endorse it, but it's up to you if you want to put yourself in that position.

1 point

Everyone deserves love, and that includes Hitler. The question of life is different, if he would have survived till a trial, he would have more than likely been executed. That would have been the sentence he created for himself through his actions.

2 points

I don't think there should be any extra punishment for "hate crimes." I don't think there should even be a term. It is just a crime, the motivation shouldn't play a role. You either broke a law or you didn't.

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Winning Position: Buy Domestic Cars
Winning Position: yes because the alternative is worse
Winning Position: Iron Sulfur World Theory

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