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RSS Adiko

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1 point

Genetically modified food should be banned due to different disadvantages.

The biggest threat caused by genetically modified food is that they can have harmful effects on the human body. Moreover, according to some experts, people who consume such foods have high chances of developing cancer. Besides, as these foods are new inventions, not much is known about their long-term effects on human beings. As the health effects are unknown, many people prefer to stay away from genetically modified foods.

In many countries, manufacturers do not mention on the label that foods are genetically manufactured because they think that this would affect their business. However, this is not a good practice as consumers do not get the chance to decide whether they should really opt for these foods.

Many religious and cultural communities are against genetically modified foods because they see it as an unnatural way of producing foods. Many people are also not comfortable with the idea of transferring animal genes into plants and vice versa. Also, this cross-pollination method can cause damage to other organisms that thrive in the environment.

Experts are of the opinion that with the increase of genetically modified foods, developing countries would start depending more on industrial countries because it is likely that the food production would be controlled by them in the time to come.

1 point

Maybe it is good, but only if death penalty prevents future murderes, but it is not the fact that it will be so, maybe others, who know that person, even their relatives or close people want to revenge, and they unfortunately can become murder too

2 points

I believe that abortion cannot be justified because it is killing an innocent human being.

Every child is a precious and unique gift from God. We have no right to destroy this. Moreover, United Nations declaration says children have a right to protected before as well as after birth! And if it is not possible for your to have a baby, due to shortage of money or time... Nowadays many couples would adopt unwanted babies.

1 point

I support this view, but just don`t think that I am for drugs, I just want to tell that Forbidden fruit is sweet. I mean that if drugs be legal and everyone can use it without fear of being in prison, people will not have the great desire to do it, because such style of life will be normal and sooner it will not be cool; people will tired of drugs and they will try to create something new entertainments. But now all drugs are illegal, it seems to me that due to such rule, most of us want offend it.

1 point

If you ask anybody who has studied abroad, he or she will most certainly tell you that it is a life-changing experience and one of the most rewarding things he or she has ever done. I want to prove it due to several reasons:

Study abroad is the optimal way to learn a language, because you can expand own vocabulary; to learn more idioms and so on due to communication with native speakers;

You can learn about another culture in details, than you can learn in any book and it is the fact;

The next point is amazing opportunity to travel. If you study abroad, you'll probably have the opportunity to visit neighboring cities and countries;

Study abroad affords you the opportunity to make friends around the world;

It helps you to learn about yourself. I mean students who study abroad return home with new ideas and perspectives about themselves and their own culture;

And the last but not the least important reason is that study abroad expands your worldview.

1 point

I think that music has more good effects on children. According to the statistics average IQ of fans of rock music is much higher average IQ fans of pop and rap. As for me when I listen the music and at the same time to do my home work, I do it more better, because different ideas come to my mind faster, in this period of time my imagination works better for compose something ... It all depends on the mood of the listener; your character and what kind of music you listen!

1 point

I agree that all of these things make feel you happy, because for most of us, more money means more happiness, but we just do not seem to have enough of it! I mean, the more we have, the more we want and that is why I think there has been no rise in life satisfaction!

1 point

You are free to disagree with me but I believe that if huge amount of money is in the intelligent hands and this person has strong character and clear thoughts, he will be successful in life and he will be happy. This person will always know what he can do with it. However, if the person did not have any dreams, except only receive money for wants, he would become money-addicted and spend it quickly and more than that, he maybe get into the debts. Thus, it depends on person and his character and strong thoughts, he must think about his own future for himself and future of his children. Will you live in the lap of luxury or even without a penny to your name? Make your own choice, it is up to you!

2 points

I don`t agree with you that happiness will never be bought. Can you imagine if you are a homeless man and you live in poverty, will you be happy? To my mind with the help of money people can become happier because due to money all basic physical needs are satisfied; for such people it is enough to have any shelter, warmth, available food or water supply, and they could feel safety. In these situations, money absolutely will make you happier.

1 point

It seems to me beyond any reasonable doubt that with the help of money you cannot buy love and health. For example, if you found that you have cancer and no one medicine can help you and it is inevitably, plenty of money would not help you. People spend all their health to earn money, but in old age they spend all their money to get health. And about love, you cannot get love from person who has not the same feelings, who indifferent to yours and with the help of money you cannot buy the true love

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