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RSS Adyanj

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Totally agree by the way i spend twice as much as that price!

4 points

Essentially, the first reason why school uniforms should be banned is for the reason you’re your students freedom of expression is restricted by school uniforms. However I do agree to a vast majority that school uniforms make the school feel in sync as a community. Nevertheless school uniforms don’t give your students freedom of creativity, to wear what they want, to express themselves if their own way!  Do you believe that students will create their own style with these uniforms by making them shorter and adding accessories? How will this help students be individuals?  

Secondly, Uniforms should be banned as it is a waste of money. After wearing that uniform for a year or so you can't wear it and you would have to throw it away. Why not just wear home clothes? You can wear it both at home and to school. Furthermore, some school uniforms are uncomfortable. Students may be affected by that. We should be able to wear normal complacent and spontaneous but suitable for school clothes.

Thirdly, Uniforms should be banned as uniforms actually attract bullies! If you thought that requiring all students to wear uniforms can lessen the chances of bullying, you were wrong! In fact, it can actually increase the incidence of bullying, especially in school districts where violence rates are soaring. The following statistic is taken from a 1999 study conducted by experts from Texas Southern University it showed that bullying incidents increased by as much as 12%. In addition the following is a sentiment of a 2007 study published in the Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice. According to the research, assaults increased by as much as 14 incidences yearly. People think that these can stop the violence, but they actually don’t. Even when everybody’s wearing the same thing, a student’s distinct personality will still stand out.

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